Treasure Map Stories By Buffalohair page 4

Treasure Map Stories By Buffalohair [page 4]

[From Ann;s Journal Collection]

After Lunch let’s go hunt treasure.

Start of Treasure Hunt, [img][/img]

Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2007 2:24 pm Post subject:

Clearing the smoke filled sky’s over Miramar Naval Air Station near San Diego California. Two F-18 Hornets fully armed with GPS and laser guided bombs and missiles scrambled towards Barstow California.

Major Seymour Hair began his briefing to his wingman, Captain Delbert Pfoust on their mission. Through the roar of the jet engines and the crackle of the head piece he began his oratory.

“Del, it looks like another Renegade Robot again. Problem is, the Shuttle is supposed to land at Edwards Air Force Base in a few hours. We are to intercept a 1964 Skylark driven by some old women heading north on Interstate 15.”

Captain Pfoust responded,

“Sir, did I hear you correctly? We are to intercept a 1964 Skylark driven by some senior citizens?”

“That’s affirmative Captain, we are intercepting a 1964 Skylark filled with grandmothers and a renegade robot. At least it keeps us out of the smoke back in San Diego eh captain?” the major said.

“Yes sir, I was dreading the evacuation detail” the elated officer told the major as they flew through the sky.

“There it is captain, The Marine Corps Depot in Barstow and my guidance system also is detecting that Ann 235 Cyborg. I knew this experiment was going to go haywire though”

“Why is that sir?” queried the fighter pilot.

“Just think about it Del, the robot is designated Ann 235. They gave this thing a woman’s name. And sure enough, in this day and age there is no way a woman is going to do what a man tell them to do and apparently neither is this Ann thing-a-majig” quipped the major.

“Look, 7 o’clock, I see the Skylark” Hair said.

Their Hornets banked to the left to get a better look along Interstate 15.
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Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2007 7:49 am Post subject:

Wow, Look at that will you! They sure are coming in low in doing their training exercises.

The Sky Lark sort of leaned to one side as all the Grannies pressed their faces against the side windows to get a better look, even a mans flattened face appeared. All but one that is ……….

Ann what do you make of that? Ann, ………. Ann!

They all turned to look at her as she was not even looking out the side window with them, but was just staring at the road ahead of them.

They gasp, do you smell wires burning? Oh Gads Ann …… why are your eyes red? She then slid her sunglasses down off her forehead to cover her eyes. Oh I am all right girls.

“Quick, lets find an underpass and hide!”

Those jets are doing something to, Ann but what I do not know! Quick there is a garage by that dinner, pull in there.

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2007 9:02 am Post subject:

As the Dreadnaughts pierced the afternoon sky like the tips of a warrior’s arrow, they descended on the outskirts of Barstow and did a fly by.

The wingman commented;

“Sir, my dad owned a Buick Skylark and I used to put my hand outside the window when we went on long drives. I used to pretend it was a jet while my hand fought the wind. I even had one of them toys you put in a rolled up window that had a plane on the outside end. I used to play Superman to and…………”

His journey back in time was cut short when the senior officer announced;

“Look 4 o’clock just under the canopy of that Flying “J” Travel Plaza. I think I spotted the Skylark next to that Safeway truck on the fuel island. Lets take her back up to 7,000 feet”, said the major.

“Should we arm the cruise missiles sir” commented the wingman.

“Negative! I think we should wait till they are not in such a populated area captain” retorted Major Hair.

With the sound of thunder the war birds climbed through warm desert sky.

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Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2007 9:26 am Post subject:

Eglantine pulled the Sky Lark into the truck/car wash bay by the Gas pumps.

Come on girls lets get something to eat, said Eglantine!

Mildred can wash the tail pipes black smoke stain off the car again.

We might as well fill her up with gas while we are here, Ann!

Okay, see you inside when we are done, said Ann

As Mildred washed the SkyLark and her new but now flattened man, Ann stepped behind the car wash scanning the skies.

Ahhhhh, here they come looking for us thought Ann as she reached into her purse and pulled out her knitting with the ball of yarn. She slowly pull a knitting needle free …………

She could hear Mildred singing as she soaped up the car with the wand brush.

Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2007 2:11 pm Post subject:

As the war bird were making their ascent, the major exclaimed;

“Check Six, Check Six! What the hell was that!”

Then the harried wingman responded;

“Doing the Linda Blair sir! I just felt something, sounded metallic and my HUD is flickering, I’m loosing power!!!!”

The concerned major responded to his wingman in this quick exchange;

“Snugging up now cappy. Well I’ll be go to hell, looks like a knitting needle stuck to the side of your fuselage and there is a pink light flashing on the tip of it” said the perplexed major.

While the drama was unfolding in the sky’s above the Barstow Victorville area, little Ziggy Zimmermann was playing with his calculator. He was with his parents on a return trip from a Barmitzva in Las Vegas Nevada.

As the car left the travel plaza and was making its way back to south bound Interstate 15. Ziggy struck up a conversation with his mother.

“Mom, did you see that old lady shoot the bottle rocket?”

His mom with a calm yet firm voice responded;

“That’s nice Ziggy. Now finish your Algebra. That’s your ticket to Yale. You don’t want to be a pawn broker like your uncle Murray and marry a Yenta like that Isabel do you? Oy Vey he is such a putz. Oh my G*D, did you see what she was wearing at the Barmitzva? She looked like such a whore.”

The husband, while driving the car, looked to his wife and said;

“Sarah, not in front of the boy, please”

The mother turned to her husband Saul with a look that could kill and retorted;

“I saw your eyes mister lady’s man; you just wait till we get home. I am not done with you either. I don’t know why I’m here anyway. I could die tomorrow and you would flirt with the mortician at my funeral. All I am is chopped liver to you. I should have listened to my mother and married a doctor.”

Under his breath the forlorn Saul muttered;

“I wish you did, Oy”

In an authoritarian voice she said;

“I heard that”

It was going to be a long drive back to Encino for poor Saul.
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Posted: Sat Oct 27, 2007 8:35 pm Post subject:

Sitting on a hillside overlooking the Travel Plaza munching on a couple Tanka Bars, two Native guys watched in amazement at the show in front of them.

“Did you see that? One of them elders took a shot at the jets” Crow said to his older brother Carlos.

“Well we better get the heck out of here because you know who they are going to blame don’t you? Us” said the worried older brother.

Making their way back to the old pick up truck parked in the emergency lane, Crow spotted a California Highway Patrol cruiser about to park behind the truck.

“Oh oh, looks like we are in for it now.” Crow said as they hurriedly made tracks for their iron pony.

“Let me do all the talking Crow.” The worried Carlos quipped.

And that moment 5 more CHP cruisers pulled up behind their comrades patrol unit with lights flashing.

As the two Skins approached their pick up Crow commented, “All those lights look like of pretty don’t they, kind of like Christmas or something”

Carlos just rolled his eyes as they got closer to the now growing crowd of officers.

Almost within shouting range, the patrolman asked them if they had any guns. Crow chirped, “Yeah, we have a .270 in the..”

His words were cut short as all the officers drew their side arms and ordered, “On the ground with your arms and legs spread NOW!!”

As the pair lay on the hot desert floor the cops tore into the vintage pick up truck. You could hear glass breaking and metal grinding as they ripped the truck to pieces searching for drugs and weapons.

Then one of the officers shouted, “Hey lookie here, I found the rifle and it has a scope and look at this pot pipe. You Red Skins have any of that whacky tobaccy on you to? Search them boys”

And with that command the boys were picked up and thrown against the pick up. The cops were rummaging through their pockets like they were hunting for gold. After a good rough housing by the authorities they were both cuffed and tossed in a cruiser. They witnessed the law ransacking the old truck. Their Pendleton Blankets were thrown to the ground as well as their personal belongings. The patrolmen were walking all over their personal effects. One cop inadvertently broke the pipe trying to find a stash place. The pipe bag was torn to shreds. The police torn open their medicine bags and all their sacred possessions were thrown to the wind when they did not discover any dope. Angered by this one patrolman smashed the gourd rattles on the ground and totally destroyed their sacred possessions.

Carlos looked over to his saddened brother and said, “I told you to keep your yap shut.”

Crow looked over to his brother and quietly said, “I’m sorry brother.”

At that moment two giant patrolmen pulled Crow out of the car and took him back behind the line of cruisers. Carlos tried to see what was happening to his brother but he could not see very well. But he noticed that several more patrolmen went to the scene as well.

Minutes seemed like hours for Carlos as he sat wondering about his brother’s fate. Then another pair of patrolmen came to the cruiser and dragged Carlos out of the car. He did not even touch the ground as the cops dragged him to a waiting paddy wagon. He kept asking about his brother but the police would not say a word.

Then one of the officers told him he was under arrest for terrorist activities and a list of other charges. Then as he was being whisked away he heard the radio in the paddy wagon. He heard the CHP dispatch as the radio blared,

“10-4, an ambulance is on the way”

Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind

Posted: Sat Oct 27, 2007 9:30 am Post subject:

As Saul drove on to Encino, his bride pecked at him endlessly. His only defense was to ignore her since he knew the last time he ever put his foot down was at his wedding when he crushed the glass. His only escape was to reflect on a “chance” encounter with Carole, the Las Vegas dominatrixs who tortured him in a seedy parlor off Las Vegas Blvd while his wife slept in the motel.

Oh how he yearned to feel the cat of nine tails on his reddened hind side. His mind drifted as he recalled the sound of chains as Carole secured him to “The Rack” while he was blindfolded and shackled. He knew he was a bad boy and needed to be punished again.

His body quivered as he remembered the humiliation of being forced to dress in stiletto heels, nylons and garter and an SS uniform then made to beg for forgiveness while licking the heels of the dominatrix. Saul was bad bad bad. He could hear Carole’s voice commanding him, “Saul, Saul you dirty pig, get up off the floor you swine. Saul Saul!”

His trance was broken by the sound of his wife as she yelled his name.

“Saul, Saul, watch were you are going. You almost hit that truck. Are you wild or what!”

Saul’s mind was wandering.

Saul was thinking about Carole, the dominatrix.

Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind

Posted: Sun Oct 28, 2007 8:57 pm Post subject:

As the drama was unfolding along the side of the road, the grannies where getting back into the Buick Skylark. Looking a little dismayed Eglantine began her oratory to the girls.

“Oh my goodness, I think we took the wrong interstate. According to the map we should have gone east on Interstate 10. That would have taken us through Palm Springs and on to Ehrenberg, Quartzite is just down the road”

Mildred was a little concerned and voiced this to the trio;

“Heavens, I just don’t know. I worry we will have problems with the car since we have to drive all the way to Needles. What would happen if the car overheats?”

Ann, still packing her knitting back in her bag said;

“Then we will steal another one”, in a deep sinister voice.

With a concerned voice Eglantine retorted,

“I can’t leave Betsy along the side of the road. I had her since she was new and she’s been a fine car. I just could not bare loosing her since I’ve owned her so long. It was the last thing Barney gave me before he went to Viet Nam. He was such a sweet man, you’d think he had enough war since he was a Korean War Vet as well. I miss him so, he was the most….”

Her words were cut short as Ann countered this moment of sentiment,

“Enough already, mash the gas and move that ass honey. We have some miles to pull down before this day is done”

Mildred turned around and with a terse tone in her voice she said,

“Ann, you have been acting strangely ever since we picked you up from the prison and I had just about enough of your sharp tongue. We are not your prison cronies and I had enough of this. Please, be civil, OK?”

Ann turned to her, with a start, she was in a rage but she caught herself and responded,

“Mildred! Ah Mildred, I am sorry I’m just tired and I’m just a little irritable today”

Mildred smiled and reached over then grasped Ann’s hand in a comforting manner. Then Mildred said,

“My goodness dear, your hands are cold”

Eglantine put the car in drive and she sighed,

“Well, I guess it’s off to Needles”
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Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2007 5:51 am Post subject:

Yes, you could even hear them singing as the Sky Lark faded from sight:) As they soon forgot their little disagreement.

Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2007 11:19 am Post subject:

With his wingman’s plane in peril the major ordered the two war birds back to the barn and hopefully the other plane would not loose all power on the return trip. As he peered out at his partners craft the knitting needle began to shake loose from the fuselage.

“Hey cappy, still loosing power?”

“Affirmative major, I am loosing stick and air speed, there is no instrument panel. I might have to park it in the desert” said the worried wingman.

Then as the major was watching this odd device flashing this pink light, the knitting needle dislodges and fell free from the Hornet. In an instant the Hornet shot forward to the surprise of the major and the wingman.

“Yee haaaaaa! Major I have full power now!” Shouted the captain as his plane shot into space.

With a worried tone in his voice the major responded to his elated wingman,

“El Toro is expecting us captain, let’s head to the barn and see what the hell is going on”

With that command the two F-118 Hornets made tracks towards the Marine Corps base.

The knitting needed made it’s decent and fell to the interstate below. Just at the moment, Saul’s car was passing of a line of campers on the interstate. His wife Sarah was keeping vigil as Saul drove. Sarah, still miffed at Saul’s near collision with a truck retorted,

“So Mr.Speed Racer you’re going to get us killed driving like Mario Andretti. At least Mario could drive. What if the tire blows out? Slow down”

Saul retorted,

“We just bought new tires before we left for Las Vegas and besides I’m only going 65 miles an hour and the speed limit is 70”

Suddenly, the right rear tire blew out with a loud pop as the knitting needle punctured the new tire. Sarah grabbed the dash and sternly said,

“Well Mr. Fancy Schmancy race car driver, are you happy now? My mother was right, I should have married a doctor. Hold on bubbla your father is going to get us killed”

Under his breath the beleaguered Saul quietly responded,

“Oy, I should be so lucky”

Sarah snapped back,

“I heard that”

Cuffed and shackled in the back of a paddy wagon, Carlos was trying to listen to the dispatch to find out what happened to his brother Crow. The news was very stark since an ambulance was dispatched to the scene where they were arrested. His heart sank knowing the most likely Crow opened his mouth and got stomped by the patrolmen in true Gestapo fashion.

His heart filled with sorrow as he remembered the many close calls Crow had with death and how he save Crow so many times before. The radio began to chirp more information about the injured party. Carlos strained to hear the communications.

“The party has suffered a myo cardinal infarction and possibly expired according to the patrolmen at the scene. They are trying to resuscitate him at the scene but are getting no response. He is a Native American male approximately 25 years of age, medium build…………..”

With the news of his brother’s death, tears began to well in Carlos’s eyes. The loss of his brother overwhelmed him with grief since it was his idea to travel to California and show Crow the ocean. Filled with guilt he wept for his lost brother and began to sing the death song so his brother could find his way. He chanted their sacred song and with each verse he sung louder and louder. As he sang the tears flowed from his face like two rivers. And at that point nothing matter to him anymore fore now he was alone. His brother lay dead on a lonely piece of highway over a thousand miles away from the reservation.

His mind wandered as he imagined the beating Crow must have received when the cops ganged up on him out of the public’s eye behind the cruisers. This was the land of the Rodney King Beating. Crow was an artist and a peaceful soul who loved to joke and sing ancient songs. Crow was the life of their 49’s. He was the one who took care of the elders during the harsh Oklahoma winters. He was loved by everyone back home and would surely be missed.

Filled with guilt Carlos thought to himself.

“I killed my own brother, I should have never have taken him off the rez. It’s all my fault”

Through the tears and grief he prayed for his brother’s journey and hoped Crow would forgive somehow. He hoped his people would forgive him as well.

Again, he reflected,

“It was me who killed my brother”
Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind

As then got closer to Needles the Buick Skylark seem to be showing less power. Eglantine was getting concerned, was it the elevation or just the heat off the desert?

Eglantine voiced her concerns out loud. Mildred started talking about all of the people she knew who had broken down in Needles and how expensive it was to get their cars fixed there.

Ann felt like she was losing energy and knew it was she who was drawing power from the Skylark just to keep going. She felt bad for the grannies and knew she needed to get them safely into Needles.

We are almost there Ann said. Yes , I can see it now!

As they came to the Gas Station and Motel complex, the Skylark could hardly move. Eglantine turned off the Highway and the car puttered up into the complex and died. Oh noooooooooo!!!!!!!!

Okay, don’t panic girls! We made it here at least. Ann said, Lets check in at the motel and then see about getting this baby fixed. Then you can go get something to eat.

Ann knew she had a big problem, she was getting weaker by the moment.

Mildred you help Eglantine and I’ll carry our bags over to the motel said Ann moving in slow motion. Ann are you alright? You don’t seem yourself?

Saul was struggling to empty the back of their car to get the spare tire. His bride, Sarah was diligently pecking the life’s blood out of him when she shrieked,

“Where is my blue Samsonite suite case?”

Franticly she began tossing the other luggage out of the trunk. Saul was busy catching all the baggage before they hit the ground. Then all of a sudden she stopped and said,

“We have to go back”

While Saul and his wife bickered about the trip back to Vegas, Ziggy found something. It was the knitting needle that was dislodged from the fighter only moments ago. The light on the end was not flashing by then. Being the curious kid tossed the needle in the back seat of the car.

Struggling to find a sensible solution to his plight Saul tried to offer a suggestion,

“Sarah, just call the motel and ask them if they saw your luggage. Then we can call Isabel and have her pick it up for you. Murray and Isabel are staying over to watch Tom Jones so they..”

Sarah burst,

“Have you lost your mine? I should have known you would simply toss my concerns out the window…………”

Sarah paused as she was rummaging in the truck, then she said with a smirk,

“Saul where did this porno magazine come from, is this yours?”

Flush with embarrassment Saul hurriedly grabbed the jack and spare tire then began changing the tire. His heart was beating out of his chest since Mistress Carole autographed the magazine with a personal message to him inside the first page. He countered,

“I must have picked it up by mistake when I went to grab a book of coupons, can you help me with this jack? We need to get back to Vegas as soon as possible”

With the tire changed the family was headed back to Vegas. Saul and Sarah were quiet as they drove. The silence was deadening. Ziggy was working on his math when he remembered the funny needle he found near the car earlier. He picked it up and was playing with it when he noticed something about this needle. Every time he passed it over the calculator the screen would black out like the battery was dead. He waved it over the calculator several time and it would keep shutting down.

As they drove through Barstow Sarah chimed in,

“Saul, who is Mistress Carole?”

At that moment he was approaching the junction of Interstate 15 and Interstate 40. When Sarah dropped the bomb about Carole he inadvertently took Interstate 40 instead of Interstate 15 the direct route to Vegas. Flush with fear he began to think of an excuse or a reasonable explanation. Sarah, a Vassar graduate was not going to buy into any lame excuse. And she was looking directly at him as sweat began to form on his forehead.

Nervously he laughed and said,

“Carole King? Oh she’s a singer remember? It’s to late baby, I liked that song”

At that moment Sarah pulled out the magazine and showed Saul the personal autograph Mistress Carole signed in the magazine.

In a Doctor Laura tone of voice Sarah said,

“Saul, are you some kind of pervert?”

The drive to Vegas was going to be along one, no matter what road he took. Sarah was not a happy camper and she began to give him the business.

Sarah quipped further,

“Oh my G*D, is that you in the picture?”

Meanwhile Major Hair and Captain Pfoust were studying the hole in the fuselage of the F-118 hornet.

“What do you suppose caused that Major” the captain said.

Hair replied,

“You’re not going to believe this cappy but it looked like a knitting needle and it looked like it has an Led light on the tip of it”

The two of them later reported to their station at Mira Mar. After a debriefing the two of them had some leave time and decided to head to Lake Havasu for some fun in the sun and blow off some steam.

“Check the tire and light the fires sir?” queried Pfoust.

“Aye Aye cappy” said the major.

And in a cloud of smoke from the burning tire from Captain Pfoust’s 2007 Corvette the two of them hit the interstate bound for Lake Havasu Arizona.

Hours later at the restaurant in Needles California, Eglantine, Mildred and Ann were sitting at a booth. Eglantine just ordered a Rubin Sandwich while Mildred struggled with her order.

“Oh dear, I don’t want to eat anything to heavy since it’s late in the afternoon. Umm, I think I will try the soup. What is the soup of the day?” Mildred said.

The waitress impatiently replied while snapping the gum in her mouth,

“Well honey its chicken noodle. Is that all?”

Slightly confused, Mildred said,

“Ah, OK and does it come with umm, OK, yes I’ll have the soup and a cup of tea please”

Then the waitress turned to Ann and asked,

“What about you sweetie?”

“Stow the sweetie cup cake, I’ll just have a cup of coffee” Ann retorted in a deep angered voice.

By this time Saul and his family were nearing a Las Vegas turn off along Interstate 40. It was not the turn off he expected since he went in the wrong direction. His wife was reading the highway sign and said,

“This is not the way to Las Vegas you schmuck. Where did you take us anyway? Where is Prime Nevada or that place with the rollercoaster? Why am I here? I could have done so much better”

As the two of them bickered, Ziggy was playing in the back seat. He was enjoying the needle he found and was watching as this needle activated the electric lock and window. The lock would go up and down just like the window. His mother snapped,

“You better keep that door locked Mister. And you had better have your seat belt on! Oy, what’s the matter with the men in this family. I am in an insane asylum. Why didn’t I listen to my mother?

“Sarah, we need to drive onto Needles for some gas. But I think we are not too far out of our way” Saul said sheepishly.

“So you got us lost in the desert and we are almost out of gas? When we get back home I’m calling my mother AND Doctor Zimmermann. You have lost your mind Saul. You are so disgusting to me right now. I don’t want to see your face” said the enraged Sarah.

Ziggy fanned the needle over the window and lock controls again, click, click, click.

“Ziggy stop it now! Sarah yelled.

They drove onto Needles and in a few minutes they were within sight of the Standard Gas Station and Restaurant.

Then while Ziggy was playing with the needle, the end began to glow pink like it did when it was stuck to the jet fighter. The car began to cough and sputter as if it was running out of gas. The car was loosing power.

Already infuriated with Saul Sarah said with great anger,

“OK Mr. Fancy Schmancy King of the Road. You really did it this time. Can’t you read the fuel gage? Now we are going to die out here. If you paid more attention to your family instead of the Sex Queen in Las Vegas maybe we would not have had to drive all the way back there to get my things. You are a disgusting pig, you know that. I hate to even look at you Saul. You disgust me”

Listening to his wife debase him the way she did was actually arousing him. He began to see his proper educated wife in an erotic and sensual light. Something he had not felt for years. Calmly he responded to his newly desirable bride.

“We still have a quarter of a tank. I think I will pull into the garage at the station and have the mechanic look at it. We can eat some dinner at the restaurant”

“Suite yourself Saul, you make me want to vomit” retorted Sarah.

Then in a motherly tone she turned to Ziggy in the back seat and said,

“Bubbla, are you hungry?”

“Yes momma, can I order what I want?”

Lovingly the mother nodded her head as if to say yes. The car passed the fuel island and quit running just as it pulled up to the garage entrance.

At the fuel island were the two fighter pilots. They had just completed a high speed road trip through the desert in the high performance Corvette.

“Well major, what do you think. I told you this would cruise at 160 miles per hour. And we did not see one cop, now that’s cooking with gas” said Pfoust.

Major Hair responded,

“Yea cappy, I can tell you love your cars like your women. You love them fast and nice to ride. And you like them to look good too”

The two of them laughed as they parked the car and entered the dinner.

As Saul and his family was walking towards the restaurant. The auto mechanic was a bit puzzled as he put the car on the diagnostic machine. His partner came up to him as he queried,

“Yea know something Phil? This car does not show a thing wrong with the electrical. It’s just like that car them old ladies brought in earlier.”

Phil looked to his perplexed friend and said,

“I just hate all this computer stuff these days”

Saul was walking behind his wife and son as they entered the restaurant. The scolding his wife gave him made him somewhat sexually aroused. As his bride walked in front of him, he was envisioning her clothed in black leather like Mistress Carole. His wife lead them to a table and they all sat down. Saul could not help but notice the fine curves of his wife’s buttocks and legs as she sat down.

In the background, the song by Journey, “Don’t stop Believin” began to play softly as the Marines entered the restaurant behind Saul and the crew.

“Just a small town girl, livin’ in a lonely world
She took a midnight train going anywhere…….

Just a city boy, born and raised in South Detroit
He took a midnight train going anywhere…….”

The Marines started looking for a booth to sit and order a coffee. Saul and his family were looking at the menu. Ziggy was eying all the deserts since his mom said he could order anything.

The music continued,

“A singer in a smoky room, smelling like cheap perfume
For a smile they could share the night
It goes on and on and on and on….

Stranger waiting, up and down the boulevard
Their shadows searching in the night”

Ann was oblivious to the gals chatting as she began to stare into empty space. Her eyes began to glow red.

The music continued,

“Streetlights people, living just to find emotion
Hiding, somewhere in the night”

The music drifts away as the scene fades to black……………..

In the darkness, you can hear the sound of Carlos as he mourned the loss of his beloved brother. His eyes filled with tears, his mind filled with childhood memories. He tried to make sense of his innocent brothers passing. He envisioned the faces of his relations as he told them of Crows death.

Carlos felt guilty beyond words. He could not help but feel responsible for exposing his brother to the wilds of the outside world. It was a world beyond the boundaries of their reservation, a world of hate and deception and he lead his brother to his death. What a horrific death is was too. Carlos could only imagine how Crow died at the hands of the brutal police officers.

Carlos began to cry uncontrollably and he cried out in anguish,

“Crow, Crow, my brother please forgive me. I love you brother. Crow please forgive me”

As he was in the most sorrow filled moment of his life his world began to shake and it was shaking violently, then he heard his brothers voice in the darkness,

“Carlos, Carlos gads, wake the heck up. You’re freaking me out man. CARLOS, WAKE UP!!!”

In a flash Carlos woke up to find himself in the passenger side of the pick up truck. He sat up and looked around to try and get his bearings. And to his joy he found the both of them in a rest area just down the road from the Navaho Trading Post on the Arizona since just a few miles from Gallup New Mexico.

With the excitement of a young school boy he exclaimed,

“Crow! Crow you’re alive, you’re alive. Nemehotates, Nemehotatse Brother. Thank you Creator, Thank You Creator, Nemehotatse my brother”

Surprised by his jubilant hug filled brothers awakening, Crow fought off the overwhelming embraces from Carlos.

With a stern voice Crow said,

“Carlos, I told you not to eat all them Tanka Bars. They were supposed to last us till we got back to Hammon. What the heck were you dreaming about anyway, holay?”

“Man you’re not going to believe this but there was these grandmother gangsters and these fighter jets. Then there was this guy Saul and his wife Sarah and man she was pissed off. Then there was this knitting needle and this robot named Ann who shot at these fighters, You was killed and I though you was dead and then there was…………”

Crow rolled his eyes as he started the pick up truck. He looked over to his babbling brother and said,

“Carlos, hand me that N8V EP. I love you too brother but I think I want to hear that Nations Rising song again eh”

Carlos reached into the glove box and pulled out the N8V EP and a piece of paper and asked,

“What’s this treasure map all about eh?”
Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind

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