Treasure Map Stories

Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2007 1:20 pm Post subject:

When Moe greeted Ann, they went off together to talk and catch up on old times.

Eglantine and Mildred were seated at their table.

Mildred was carried away as the men danced.
Mildred was starting to stuff all the grannies money from that afternoon, into the mens g- strings. Eglantine was able to finally grab her in a choke hold and stop her. What are you thinking! Have you lost your mind?

I am just having a little fun!

Thu Oct 11, 2007 9:46 am Post subject:

Eglantine managed to save the rest of the money.

She was upset at how unwise Mildred had become!

In her throwing away money for their Elderly peoples monthly living expences on her own fun.

What made Mildred think they would always have a good take coming in?
She could now see that Mildred was not wise enough to handle the money for the Grannies.

Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2007 3:32 am Post subject:

Meanwhile in a secret location deep within Cheyenne Mountain at the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) Commander Thurmond Thornpecker was just finishing up an urgent phone call from the president of the United States;

“Yes Mr. President, yes I realize this sir but you must understand we have, yes sir I know you’re the President. But sir it’s just an abbreviation and I don’t think Montreal will make any,……. Sir? Mr. President? What a pinhead”

Just at that moment Captain Parker Buttkiss walked into the command center. Noticing the chagrin on his commanding officers face Buttkiss queried;

“President Bush again sir?”

“Yes I am afraid so captain. He thinks Dick Cheney changed the name of the space command when he was riding his toy pony Regis and wanted me to send out a special team to stencil NAADC over NORAD on every nuclear warhead on base” the commander said.

“What was the deal with Montreal sir?” queried the officer.

“I’m not really sure captain. But he always bombs someone when he gets angry or wets the bed. Last time he bombed the Zellers in Winnipeg. Don’t ask captain, he is not all there” grumbled the dismayed commander.

“Well sir, I came to inform you we’ve spotted the Skylark at our satellite tracking center. Seems the Granny Gangsters just left a strip club and are headed towards Barstow California and Senator Craig just sent us another case of men’s camouflage thongs”

With a worried tone Thornpecker asked Buttkiss, “How is she running, are there any problems?”

“The Ann 235 cyborg is still functioning and all systems are running properly except the audio. But we have visual sir” Buttkiss said.

“Well, what are they doing cap?” the curious commander asked.

“Driving around with an inflatable man but what about all these thongs sir?”

“That Craig is just plain nasty, Captain” Thornpecker said as he pointed to the dumpster outside the office.

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