Treasue Map Stories by Buffalohair Page 9

After Lunch let’s go hunt treasure.

Start of Treasure Hunt,


Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2008 12:02 am Post subject:

It had become a winter storm and the Raton pass was now closed as the State Patrol had the roads closed and signs up.

It did not look like any of the Motels had rooms so Rivkah got some of her camping gear out of the trunk and set up camp in her car.
She had coffee, cocoa and even soup in some of those new heat up poptop cans. Wow, they sure got hot after shaking them up! But she saw a cafe was staying open and went in.

The police were gathered there talking over coffee she noticed as she walked in. They all turned to look at her. I am surprised you made it up here this far some of them said to her. I think all of the Motels are booked up.

A woman came up to take her order and said, That is alright you can stay in here with us. Just curl up in a booth if you get tired. Some women truckers said, Hey we have room in our cab if need be. Our truck is running so our sleeper and cab is nice and warm.

She thanked them all as she sipped her new cup of coffee. Everyone was smiling as they chatted away. Rivkah listened as she watched the snow continue to fall out of the dark night sky.

What a way to end the day!


PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2008 11:33 am Post subject: When Mona returned to the table, Sal was studying the menu. She said;

“Slide on over bub. Did you order yet?”

Sal sighed;

“No, nothing looks good”

“Well, if the room had a kitchen I’d make you some Indian Tacos. I can go for a bowl of green chilly right about now. MMMMM, and with some fresh fry bread too” Mona said.

In a moment of seriousness Sal looked over to Mona and asked;

“Are you OK?”

Mona retorted almost inaudibly under her breath;

“I haven’t been OK since I was 11 years old”

Struggling to hear, Sal queried;

“Huh, what did you say?”

“Ah skip it, I’m OK. I’m just a bit under the weather. Must be this snow storm or something”, sighed Mona.

As the pair made their orders to the waitress a song began to play on the radio. There was a spark in Mona’s eyes as the song began to play. It was a song by Andrea Menard, “Métis Hands”. Mona said in a soft tone;

“You know, I really like this song, it’s about first contact”

Still puzzled, Sal said;

“Contact, what are you talking about?

As if in a trance, Mona simply said to the querysome Sal;

“Shut up and listen”

The song played to the end as they both sat in silence almost like a moment of reverence. Sal was stirring his coffee and looked into Mona’s eyes and said;

“Umm, you’re all into that Indian stuff aren’t you”

While he looked into her eyes he noticed a tear drop in the corner of one eye. Instantly, Sal realized how deeply she felt about “Indian Stuff” and wished he chose his words better. The eyes so soft and filled with sorrow turned another hue as Mona built her energy for a response. Shaking her head in disgust and casually wiping the tear from her eye, Mona retorted;

“Francis, you can be such a dork”

In an effort to extinguish Mona’s obviously short fuse, Sal said defensively;

“What I meant to say is that you are really intense about Indian causes and stuff like that”

“Yea, that “stuff” is just our very existence. Let me tell you a little secret Francis. I was told by our arrow keeper that I would find the treasure I desperately seek when I traveled to the west. That’s the real reason I am here, well here in the west anyway” responded Mona.

“And now you’re here in Raton New Mexico during a blizzard with some goon you barely know chasing down this city of gold. But what prompted you to enlist me of all people? Was it that silly map?” responded Sal.

“Let me give you a clue dear Francis. I live with signs and I take them very seriously. In my culture we see things on many levels and believe everything happens for a reason”

Mona paused in her oratory. Then while looking directly at poor Sal, she continued her speech with an air of sarcasm.

“Yea Fran, you’re right. It was just some silly map as you say. So what if it was written on ancient velum in Latin, of all languages. Just a silly OLD map I might add. As for you, I just don’t know. Guess you came with the map”

With a somewhat deflated ego Sals shoulders drooped as he pondered her closing statement. He sat there unaware of the telling expression on his face. Noticing the somewhat forlorn look Mona spoke up;

“Gawd Francis, I was just kidding! Don’t tell me you’re “sensitive” too?”

Regaining his composure, Sal retorted in an ever so manly posture;

“What the hell are you talking about? I got your sensitive…”

With a devilish grin Mona retorted teasingly;

“You are s-e-n-s-i-t-i-v-e, sensitive, sensitive, sensitive…”

Ignoring her, Sal began to read the menu out loud in a feeble effort to silence her teasing.


Mona simply looked at him in dismay as well as the other patrons since Sal was the only person shouting. He sank down in the seat in embarrassment. Then Mona said in an equally loud voice;


After her loud response the two of them broke out in laughter. In a more serious tone Mona continued;

“Look Sal, I was also told I would meet a bear. And the bear would walk with me in a good way on this journey”

Grabbing Sal’s hand Mona said;

“I know that you are the bear”
Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind

The restaurant was abuzz with storm weary travelers. Mona and Sal peered through the window only to discover a world of swirling dense snow. After their meal they left the restaurant and went across the snowy parking lot to the motel. The wind was howling and the snow was deep as they stumbled through drifts. The lobby of the motel was packed with stranded motorists trying to find a room. Squeezing past the herd and through the hostels maze Sal found the room.

Cold and wet, Sal eagerly slid the card in the door lock. The door clicked and the twosome rushed into the room. Then catastrophe struck as Mona made notice; there was only one queen-size bed. She turned and looked at Sal who was fondling the TV remote control. He was not aware of Mona’s piercing stare at first. He stared into the screen with child like innocence and wonderment as he discovered all the channels. The remote control was going its paces when Mona said;

“Sal, what are your ideas about sleeping arrangements sweet cheeks?

With eyes glued to the screen and his fingers working that remote he casually responded;

“This was the only room left but I ordered a roll-away bed. It should be here. Man this has Showtime AND HBO”

Somewhat irritated by his lack of concern Mona began to give him an opinionated repartee but something caught her eye. She noticed her bed roll and her luggage was already in the room, dry and out of the fierce blizzard that all but buried his motorcycle by now. Sal unpacked the bike earlier while she ate when he rented the room. Not used to chivalrous acts of any kind Mona pondered its true intention. Then as she panned her personal effects she spotted her back pack and shower bag. Like a woman possessed she grabbing her belongings and made a trail to the bathroom. Eagerly she said;

“I got dibs on the shower Homeboy, C-YEA!”

Startled by Mona’s commotion Sal leaped to his feet just as Mona brushed him off to one side on her way to the bathroom. Sal quipped;

“What the….”

In a loud evil voice Mona retorted;

“It’s mine, mine, mine, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!”

Then the bathroom door slammed shut with a loud bang. She could hear Sal’s channel surfing in the back ground as she prepared to bathe. The shower began to get hotter and hotter and for a moment she found peace within the steam and hot water cascading on her face and body. Her skin drank in the warmth while droplets soothed her sore and aching muscles.

After a long hot shower she began to dry her hair when she heard noise coming from the room. Though the TV was on there was a shuffling and an argument going on as well. Sal was curing someone and he was not very happy about it either. The tone was getting more and more confrontational as Sal’s voice got louder and angrier. Not sure what to make of all this, Mona drew her pistol and slowly went for the door.

Opening the door she peered through the widening entrance trying to see the object of Sal’s consternation. As the door opened Mona noticed she no longer heard Sal’s voice. A feeling of doom befell her as she struggled with he own mortality. With heart pounding and mind racing with visions of absolutes she kicked the door open with pistol drawn. To her horror Sal laid before her feet. His motionless form was sprawled on the floor as if frozen in a time struggle to escape. Sal’s face was contorted in mortal poise. With her pistol still drawn she panned the room for other unwelcome visitors. Slowly she made her way to the blind side of the floor near the bed. Sweating profusely she envisioned the perpetrator lying on the floor with gun in hand. In one fall swoop she charged the blind position keeping deadly aim at what she assumed would be the area of the upper torso of the assailant. As she rounded the corner of the bed with her gun leading the way her finger was already pressing the trigger. With her keen eye looking down the sights of her weapon she noticed her gun was pointed directly at the Gideon’s Bible sitting on the night stand.

As she held her gun she pondered the situation. Then she heard the voices again, it was Sal’s. To Mona’s welcome surprise Sal was only talking in his sleep all along. She watched him as he quarreled with some imaginary adversary. Then Sal’s eyes opened to meet Mona’s as she peered down at him. He looked at her, she looked at him then Sal looked at the gun in Mona’s hand. Still looking at the gun in Mona’s hand Sal said:

“Guess you can have the bed eh”


Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind

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