Treasure Map Stories by Buffalohair Page 10

After Lunch let’s go hunt treasure.

Start of Treasure Hunt,


The next morning found both Mona and Sal sleeping on opposite sides of the bed on the floor. With a start Sal awoke noticing the bed was empty. But then he heard Mona sawing logs on the floor wrapped up in her Pendleton Blanket. Peering out of the motel window, Sal squinted his eyes as the bright morning sun reflected on a thick blanket of snow. His motorcycle looked more like a snowball with handlebars in the parking lot.Under his breath Sal retorted;

“And this is springtime?”

Stirring in her bedroll Mona began to awaken from her deep slumber. Sal could here her yawn as she stretched her arms. He turned around only to find her wrapped up in her blanket with her eyes open. Then she said;

“Gads Francis, I though I was the only one who had bad dreams.”

Surprised by such a comment Sal looked stunned as Mona continued.

“You sure had it out for some guy named Nick”

In a moment of melancholy Sal replied;

“Yeah, that was my step dad. He used to beat the tar out of me when I was a kid. Then he would tune up my mom when he was drunk on the sauce. Sorry about that but hey you was no slouch yourself Mona. Who was Little Eagle?”

Mona paused as her eyes filled with tears;

“That was my son”

She paused again then leaped up onto her feet and made her way to the bathroom. Sal stood motionless for a second then he could hear her quietly weeping with the water running in the background. He walked up to the bathroom door and knocked.

He queried;

“Are you OK in there?

Clearing her throat she said;

“Yeah, yeah I’m OK. Why don’t you grab up some donuts and coffee in the lobby. I sure can use a cup of java about now.”

Realizing Mona needed some time to herself Sal instantly made his way to the front door of their room. He did not know what she wanted in her coffee so he returned to the bathroom door. But as he raised his hand to knock he could hear her crying again. So quietly he simply back tracked to the front door and went to the lobby.

The lobby was full of stranded motorists. As he poured the coffees he listened to the scuttlebutt. Raton Pass was closed but the snow plows were working to reopen it by noon. The sun was in full bloom and there was not a cloud in the sky. It was going to be a wet ride to Trinidad Colorado at the very least but he was eager to finish the final leg of this trip to Cibola this fabled 7 Cities of Gold.

As he pondered the stories Mona told him about the Conquistadors from Spain and this so called treasure map he said to himself;

“I must be out of my mind”
Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind

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PostPosted: Tue May 27, 2008 8:47 pm Post subject:
Rivkah had not really slept well! As she had fallen asleep with her head in her arms at the booth she was sitting at last night as she drank coffee.People were starting to pour into the Cafe! Their talking loudly brought her out of her sleep. She yawned and stretch, as a waitress came up with some fresh coffee. “Good morning sleepy head! I understand they are plowing and may have the pass cleared by noon. Just stay put as it is still very cold outside.”

The sun was very bright as it came up, She looked out and saw her car was a mound of snow! Others were cleaning snow off their trucks. One trucker started clearing snow off her car also. It made her smile at his thoughtfulness. The older Truckers were great guys! She owed him a breakfast and told the waitress to put it on her tab when he ordered. The waitress smiled okay.

Rivkah went to the ladies room to freshen up. As she washed her face, she looked at herself in the mirror. She was shocked every time she saw herself. How can one change so fast? So as always she looked away.

Going back to drink her coffee, a deep sadness settled on her. What would this trip bring into her life? What answers would she find awaiting her?


Posted: Sun Jun 15, 2008 5:12 am Post subject:

After the truckers and Rivkah had breakfast together, amid all the laughter and talking. Rivkah excused herself to check something at her car.

The waitress said, ” Be careful of all that snow between the cars and trucks, hun!”

One of the truckers said, “Hey, can I get something for you?”

Rivkah raised her arm and waved her hand as she stepped out the door. “That’s ok I can get it, thanks!”

She crossed the parking lot, heading towards her car. She heard the motor of a motorcycle, then a screeching sound and a scream of a woman. As a man yelled ‘Get out of the way, I’ve lost control! ”

That moment everything went black for, Rivkah.


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