Treasure Map Stories by Buffalohair Page 11

After Lunch let’s go hunt treasure.

Start of Treasure Hunt,


Posted: Sun Jun 15, 2008 10:26 pm Post subject: It’s been fifteen minutes since Sal and Mona left the restaurant. The warm and fuzzy feeling of adventure has long since left the duo. It soon became apparent the roads were plowed but there was plenty of ice and slush to make things wet and cold. They were soaked from head to toe. Their nerves where frazzled from the many near collisions they’ve survived. Sadly, they were only a few miles out of Raton they thought. They were making horrible time as they tried to forge a path in deep slush and frozen roads. The higher they got, the deeper the slush.

Realizing it was futile to drive any longer in the deepening ice; Sal pulled the bike over to talk to Mona. As they wheeled to a stop, a car following them passed in the left lane. Though the car was driving slowly it threw a giant rooster tail of slush and ice as it drove. In a deluge of super cold and dirty snow and ice, mixed the magnesium chloride, Sal and Mona were drenched to the bone. Dirty water even made it into “the dry place”. You know, down the inside back of your neck and into your underwear, resting in the crack of your ass.

Sal and Mona looked at one another for a moment then they began to smile. Their smiles turned into slightly guarded giggles then they broke out in laughter. In a chivalrous English voice Sal said;

“Well madam, shall we return to our suite?”

With water and slug still dripping down her face, Mona said;

“I say old chap, that’s a bloody good idea”

While sitting on the idling bike, Sal told her;

“Tallyho and all that rot now let’s get the hell out of here”

To Sal’s surprise he had traveled only to the edge of town in all that time. They drove back to the motel in an air of aristocracy. When they arrived at the motel they were completely soaked. They walked up to the front desk with noses held high. In a firm English accent they said in unison;

“We still have till Noon old chap”

Somewhat surprised by their candor as well as them being soaking wet the host calmly said;

“Will tonight’s stay be charged to the same card?”

Sal nodded his head in approval. Then Mona chimed in;

“Not so fast homeboy. This one is on me. Here take it out of my card”

Sal then told the host in a firm voice;

“No, I have it covered. Just save your money Mona”

With a look that could kill. Mona stared Sal down. He was trying to ignore her as she glared at him. The host was very uncomfortable since he could see the whole thing. Sal was making small talk but the clerk did not respond. He was doing everything possible not to notice Mona’s constant glare. Then Sal turned around and said;

“Now what did I do?”

Still glaring, with venom, Mona walked up to Sal and stuck her finger in his face and retorted;

“You’re not the boss of me!”

Bewildered, Sal began to query;

“What is the major malfunction Mona?”

Surprised by her own conduct, Mona relaxed her confrontational demeanor. She looked deeply into Sal’s puzzled smiling face. She could feel him struggling to find an amicable solution for a possibly volatile situation. She began to call into question her motive for such an angry repartee. After all, he was only being nice, she thought. No matter how much she tried to make sense of her retort she could still feel a boiling caldron of anger she held deep within her.

Mona began to recall an event when she was a child. Her mother and father were arguing about the utility bill. Her father was drunk and had spent his pay check on booze. Her mother was trying to reason with him about the electric bill when he looked over at her and said;

“So you want the electric bill paid? Pay it with this bitch”

The little girl Mona watched in horror while her dad punched her mom in the face. She ran to her mother’s side crying hysterically;

“Momma, Momma!” Mona cried as her dad kept hitting the unconscious woman lying on the floor. Blood splattered all over the white enamel kitchen. Her father was yelling at her;

“Mona, Mona, get out of the way. Mona!”

At that moment Mona was startled out of her daydream. It was Sal trying to break this catatonic spell she was on. He was trying to snap her out of it. He was shaking her arm.

“Mona, Mona, wake up. Are you OK? Mona!” Sal said in a frenzy.

Flush with perspiration Mona began to regain her composure. The fear and anger began to dissipate as her eyes began to focus on Sal’s concerned face. She began to feel something, it was compassion. There was something in Sal’s eyes that gave her comfort and this scared her for some reason. More cognizant Mona calmly said;

“Guess you really think I’m a raving lunatic now, huh Francis”

Sal looked into her eyes and with a calm brotherly voice he said;

“So you have issues, don’t we all?”
Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind

Posted: Wed Jun 18, 2008 3:30 am

Rivkah slowly opened her eyes! Truckers were all around her, Medics were checking her out and saying “She is going to be alright!”

Then there was that voice again that she had heard in the parking lot. It was her boss, Big C who knocked the wind out of her! What was he doing here and on a motorcycle in this weather!

I forgot to give you some files you needed to work on and that will need your full attention! I have been traveling right behind you, trying to catch up to you, as I did not know where to mail them!

Some of the truckers shook their heads. “What a slave driving boss she has!”


Posted: Sun Jul 27, 2008 12:07 pm Post subject:

With the roadway finally clear, the twosome made their way to Trinidad Colorado. Before they made their final decent off the mountain they stopped at the Welcome to Colorado sign to take a gander at the Rocky Mountains.

“Them mountains sure look pretty”, Mona sighed.

“Yeah, the Blood of Christ Mountains (Sangre De Christo), is that where Cibola is?” Sal retorted.

“Yup, that’s where the fabled 7 Cities of Gold are. In those mountains” she replied.

“Well I guess it’s time to start our adventure Mona. Let’s slide into town and see what’s happening in ole T-Dad”, and with that statement Sal started his motorcycle and the two of them rode down the hill to meet their destiny.

Exiting onto Main Street Sal wheeled his bike down the narrow streets. He and Mona were amazed at the old buildings, Victorian houses and brick roadways. Then Sal spotted a few bikes parked at a local tavern and decided to park.

Just as they were stretching their legs a bar patron came stumbling out the door.

“Hey bro, you and your ole lady better grab a bowl of that green chilly before it’s all gone eh”, said the slightly inebriated fellow.

Smiling, Mona whispered sternly to Sal, “I’m not a bar person”

Almost instantaneously Sal said loudly, “Free chilly huh?”

Then the man opened the door of the tavern for the couple in a most courteous manner. “Allow me” he chirped. Happily Sal started for the door. Still smiling but with a glare that could kill, Mona also made for the entrance of the pub. She was not a happy camper indeed.

Upon entering the establishment they were overcome with the smells of Southwest Cooking. There were families at the tables eating various culinary delights. There were pots and cookers filled with chilly, beans, rice, meats, pastas, veggies and breads. The aroma of fresh sopapillas, and tortillas mingled in the air as well. Javier Solis was playing in the jukebox. The atmosphere was most festive and warm.

Somewhat startled, Sal walked inside trying to get his eyes adjusted. As he focused he could see a diverse ethnic mix in the crowd. There were cowboys, bikers, mom and pop’s and various transient construction/oilfield people. Everyone had their little white bowl of chilly munching down.

In a start he realized Mona was not so hip to the idea of going to a bar in the first place. Whirling around to spot her he noticed she was long gone. He poked his head out the door to see if she was outside. “Nope, not a sign of her”, Sal thought. He pondered, “Gads, I hope she is in the can or something”

Returning to the confines of the pub, Sal scanned the crowd endlessly as time ticked away. Not a sign of her, he lost Mona somehow. As he walked towards the bar someone grabbed his arm. Then he heard someone say;

“Francis, where the heck have you been? Come on I want you to meet some people” said the stealth full voice.

Only inches from the bar and a waiting bartender, Sal was whisked away by this phantom emissary. While being lead away, Sal looked back at the bar; the taverness only shrugged her shoulders. Sal could almost taste the shot of whisky on his lips too.

In the lead, Mona took Sal through a maze of tables, people and boiling hot pots & pans. Behind all the chaos were several elderly people seated in a cubby of sorts. Frail and leather skinned they shared an air of distinction. Their eyes told of many sorrows. At that moment they were telling stories when Sal was thrown into their spotlight. Awkwardly, Sal stared at the elderly folks. In turn, they just stared directly back at him, not saying a word.

“This is the guy I was talking about”, boasted Mona.

The elderly men and women looked Sal up and down. One old woman looked at him and said;

“So you’re this morotcycle man called Francis”
Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind

PostPosted: Tue Aug 26, 2008 7:25 am Post subject: Rivkah’s new found friends were not letting her travel until they knew she was okay. She had become part of the Cafe crew! The truckers had her story going out along the road to a keep check on her. So each new trucker coming in asked about her! The waitress thought this was great fun.

Rivkah still had all her bosses files, she was sorting through. Making sure all the information was in order. She was going to have a lot of work to do once she got to her Colorado destination. Not just for herself but now also for her boss.

I really need to get on the road! she stated The passes have been clear for some time now.

Well, what do you think boys, shall we let her go on her way?

Heck, we are heading in that direction! a couple of truckers said. She can travel along with us. Let me check out her car and see if it is okay to go.

After High fives and lots of hugs

Rivkah was finally on the road again!

Posted: Sun Sep 21, 2008 10:37 am Post subject:

Mike, a Bull Hauler from Kremmling Colorado, was heading northbound on Raton Pass in his semi when he came onto the group of truckers. He was monitoring the events on the CB when one driver asked;

“Hey Big Strapper, you headin to the Mile High?”

Mike retorted;

“I’m headed to Fort Morgan and will run through Denver, why?”

The other driver responded;

“We kind of adopted this 4 wheeler and she is heading to the Mile High and you are running a bit faster than us. So I was wondering if you’d mind keeping an eye on her since she got in a little accident earlier. She bumped her head or something and well, we’ve been traveling with her ever since to make sure she is OK.”

Mike paused and said;

“If you was driving a Peterbuilt instead of that covered wagon she could follow you. Well just watch my back door and I’ll guide her over the pass anyway. Well sweety, they call me the Maverick. Are you ready to go over the Big Hill?”

Startled by the candor of the new driver on the scene she returned with a message;

“Umm, hello? My name is Rivkah and I’m on a business trip and I am heading to Littleton Colorado. My sister lives in Colorado Springs and I was thinking of stopping by and visting her.”

There was a pause on the radio then Mike said;

“I don’t know about all that stuff but you are welcome to follow along, just follow the chrome naked ladies on my mud flaps. I’ll get you there in record time”

Another driver entered the conversation;

“Don’t worry Rivkah we will be behind you just in case you have any more problems”

Rivkah thanked the other truckers who’ve taken her under their wing and watched over her since her accident. A couple trucks flashed their lights in a symbolic gesture of acknowledgement and off she went. Mike was a seasoned veteran of the open road and knew every curve and twist of this highway.

He was empty and bound for a fed lot to pick up more beef. Mike was running a tight schedule and was not to concerned about “Driving Awards” (speeding tickets). His big diesel was making short order of the steep incline when he noticed her vintage Buick Skylark falling further and further behind.

“Well honey you better mash the gas and move that ass if you want to keep up with me” Mike said in a jocular voice.

“Oh my”, Rivkah thought to herself as she accelerated her car up the hill in an effort to keep up with the cattle truck. Mike was making tracks up the mountain when the forces of gravity took its toll on the advancing semi. He slowed while finding new gears to keep his rig rolling. This afforded Rivkah the opportunity to catch up with him and to enjoy his slower forward progression.

“Well kid, what brings you to Denver?” Mike said

Rivkah said;

“Umm, I’m on a business trip and I have lots of work waiting for me when I arrive. I just need to get up there so I can get started”, responded Rivkah.

“Well, you better pass me now since I have to slow down even more. I will catch up with you after we reach the summit”, Mike informed the motorist.

And with those words Rivkah accelerated around the big truck and made her was over the hill. Later as Mike was rolling down the pass he got back on the radio;

“Hey Rivkah, you got a copy on the Maverick?”

Then in a hurried voice the radio crackled;

“Maverick? Maverick do you hear me? I’m at the truck stop here in Trinidad. Something happened to the car”

Mike thought to himself; “Gads, what did I get myself into this time? Crap, I better see whats wrong!”

He got back on the radio and said;

“Don’t get your panties in a bunch”
Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind

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