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After Lunch let’s go hunt treasure. Start of Treasure Hunt,


Posted: Wed Oct 08, 2008 11:55 am Post subject: Oh Great, this was all she needed! After that Spring time Snowstorm! Her boss paying her that surprise visit and his wipe out on his bike in that icy parking lot, sliding into her!

Now her car decides to rebel here in a town named Trinidad? Which she had heard mentioned in passing , so it definitely was rich in History, this could be an adventure?

She suddenly heard….. “Hey Rivkah, you got a copy on the Maverick?”
She had left this newcomer in her life, sitting on a side of a hill as she passed him.

Her vintage Buick Skylark was insulted, as His big diesel was making short order of the steep incline and it kept falling further and further behind. But to top it off then the trucker Maverick says …….
“Well honey you better mash the gas and move that ass if you want to keep up with me” Yes, it all went down hill after that when Rivkah then laid a heavy foot on the gas pedal! Groan …. talk about adding insult to injury.

Rivkah answers back…..
“Maverick? Maverick do you hear me? I’m at the truck stop here in Trinidad. Something happened to the car”

There is a long pause …… oh boy , thought Rivkah . He is bye byeing it out of here! I hope he radios the Truckers following us or are they listening in now? Then suddenly his voice comes back on the radio saying!

“Don’t get your panties in a bunch”


Posted: Thu Oct 09, 2008 5:44 pm Post subject: Well, the truckers were all heading in her direction, so it was not out of their way. Best of all, to top it off it was a good size very busy Truck Stop.

Rivkah had managed to get the car to the big Truck Stop sign she saw way down the highway, as the car sent out black smoke behind her. She just hoped she had not pushed it too far. Rivkah was also glad it was the actual place of business!

Rivkah had already gotten her coffee and something to eat – to go. As she had asked information about getting her car checked out. She knew she had better stay close by her car if this ‘Big Strapper’ as the other truckers called him did show up soon. She figured he was a big or tall man going by that nick name but of course had no idea what he would look like and He did not know what she looked like either so she needed to stay with the car.

So there she sat waiting for, Maverick.


Posted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 1:26 am Post subject: Like a deer caught in the headlights Sal was speechless as the elders began to chuckle. An old man with barely one tooth looked at Sal and said;

“John Wayne’s real name was Marion Morrison and he was a big man like you. Only thing different is you’re a motorcycle man.”

Still speechless Sal turned and looked at Mona hoping she would enter into the conversation. Biting her tongue she grabbed Sal’s arm and sat him down next to the group. Then the old man continued;

“I used to ride one of them motor bikes when I was in the Army. I was in the 3rd Armored Division in Normandy. I got shot off it twice by them Nazi’s, hombre let me show you my scar”

Then the old man began to pull up his shirt when his wife stepped it;

“Lencho por favor no mientras comemos!”

Almost immediately the old man began to tuck his shirt back into his pants and said in a sheepish voice;

“Si Angelica”

Sal turned to Mona and asked what the old couple said. She whispered;

“She does not want him to undress while we are eating”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, he replied.

Sal made some small talk to try and ease what he thought was tension between the old couple.

“Lencho was that a WLA 45 Harley Davidson by chance?”

Returning the sparkle to his eyes, with a sense of pride the old man eagerly responded;

“I rode an INDIAN the first time I was hit. The second time I rode a Harley but when I was hit that time I was behind enemy lines”

Then the old man paused and turned to his wife. He grabber her hand to comfort her since she was beginning to well up with tears. Then the old man continued;

“I got pretty messed up when them Krauts hit my bike the last time. I woke up a few days later in a farm house. My arm and leg was messed up. Sure glad them resistance guys found me first”

Holding back the tears the old woman spoke out;

“I’ll never forget when the soldiers came to the house. My heart still hurts when I think about the day they said you was missing in action you old prune. I died that day and my life felt so empty. All I could think of was you lying in some ditch…………”

Struggling to hold back the tears she continued;

“…….so far from home”

The table fell quiet as she silently wept. Sal reached for his bandana and offered it to the old woman. The old man was comforting the love of his life as she spoke about the months she lived knowing he was dead. The scene was quite moving in contrast to the festive occasion at the bar and grill.

Feeling moved by this turn of events, Sal turned and glanced at Mona. She was covering her mouth and streams of tears flowed down her cheeks. She was futilely trying to hide her emotions. Then in an effort to change the mood of the conversation Sal chirped;

“Umm, I smell chilly. Is it any good?”

The old man, taking the hint said;

“Chilly is real good, its’ Hatch Chilly from New Mexico. They say it’s the best in the world. Get a bowl before it’s all gone”

Snapping out of her sorrow Angelica chimed in;

“I made the fry bread and the sopapilla’s so you better hurry. They don’t last long around here”

Regaining her composure Mona stood up and made a motion for Sal to accompany her to the table full of food. As they walked to the bountiful display she leaned over to him still choking back tears and emotion then whispered to him;

“That’s so beautiful; they’re still in love after all these years”

In a clumsy move to add levity to their conversation Sal made an attempt at humor;

“Hey, this is the first time I saw you cry when you was awake”

Stopping in their tracks, Mona glared at Sal then punched him in the side then retorted;

“Let me get the bowl for her Francis”

Upon their return to the table everyone was laughing and having fun telling jokes. Sal sat down at the table and was making preparations to eat. The old woman queried;

“Did you find the chilly OK?”

“Mona got it for me. There was such a variety” said Sal.

Angie queried again;

“Mona did you see the Habaneros?”

With a devilish smile she said calmly;


The two women and the old man smiled at one another as they watched intently as Sal began to eat.

“Ay Caramba!” yelled Sal as he frantically gulped down a soda.

His mouth was in flames as the habanero chilly did its deed on his unsuspecting pallet.

Calmly Mona looked over to the woman and said;

“Yes, I found the habaneros”

With his mouth afire he looked desperately at Mona as if to ask why.

With a smile and in a soft monotone voice she said to Sal;

“Gosh Francis, this is the first time I saw you cry while you’re awake too”

Just then, the door to the establishment flew open and two long haired Native men walked into the bar. The crowd stopped and the room fell silent as one man said;

“Ola people where’s the free chow?”

Then the whole bar went wild with salutations;

“Antonio! Miguel!

People came to the men and began shaking their hand. The bartender ran around the counter to give Antonio a lip lock. Then she asked;

“The usual boys?”

They nodded their heads in unison

She reached into the cooler and pulled out two giant cans of tea and slid them down the bar.

Antonio stopped in his tracks and bumped Miguel to get his attention then said in a loud and clear voice;

“Is that Mona, the AIM ax murderer?”
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