Treasure Map Stories by Buffalohair Page 15

After Lunch let’s go hunt treasure.

Start of Treasure Hunt,

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As everyone was finding a place to sit Antonio chimes in;“Oh oh, its fry bread verses Betty Crocker Pancakes eh Miguel?”
Miguel started laughing and the two of them unpacked their bags as if they were searching for something.
The sound from outside was of an argumentative nature as Mona and Maverick spoke in loud but muffled tones. Rivkah continued to assist Betty in preparing coffee and cake for the guests. Sal was rescued from the awkward moment as Phil handed him a photo of a motorcycle and said;
This is my Harley. Course it’s not like your motor bike with all them fancy gizmo’s and all. It’s a bare bones old timer with a jockey shift. Eves dropping, Betty retorted;
“You mean suicide don’t you Phil?”
Ignoring the sound of a trash can being tossed around and the bickering from the outside Sal commented on the photo;
“Wow, this is a Panhead. I haven’t seen one of these in quite a while. Do you still have this scooter around?”
The noise was getting louder and more cans were being thrashed around outside.
Rivkah was not sure how to handle the commotion but she looked to Betty for a hint of direction. Feeling Rivkah’s uneasiness she spoke;
Oh don’t worry about those two. They will eventually iron things out. Any minute the two of them will walk inside as if nothing has happened, just watch.
Gazing at the picture of the motorcycle, Phil told Sal;
“Once the clash of the titans is through I’ll show her to yea. She is parked next to my big wrecker in the shop. She ain’t nothing fancy but she runs like a top, course I had to do some modifications since I bought it back in 68’.”
Sal looked at the picture then turned his head towards the door where the sound of WW III was waging.
Unperturbed the kids were gathered around Antonio and Miguel as they handed out gifts and candy. Excitedly the kids accepted the presents and eagerly ate the candies. Then the outside banter stopped and dead silence befell the once tumultuous meeting. Then the door flew open and Mona was the first to step inside the house. Seizing the moment Antonio said;
“Hey, the ax murderer returns!”
Mona, with a plastic smile, said in a calm voice;
“We’re ok, just had to iron out a few things first, isn’t that right Mav?”
Stepping into the door, his shirt and hair messed up and a bit red faced, and said in an equally plastic tone of voice;
“Oh yes, everything is just fine”
Still laughing Miguel retorted;
“EEEEEEEEE, at least I don’t see any blood eh. You got off easy, this time.”
Maverick smiled coldly as he tried to act with composure. Mona’s hair and clothing were just as dislocated as Mav’s. The two of them sat at different ends of the big dinning room table with chilling smiles.
The room began to smell of fresh perked coffee as Rivkah distributed the cups on the table. When she was done she was making her way to the coffee pot when Mona offered;
“No, I’ll get it. Would you like a cup Mav?”
“Umm, ok, yeah sure I’ll take a cup” He said hesitantly.
Firmly grabbing the coffee pot Mona made a bee line to where Maverick was sitting”
The room froze as Mona stormed over to Maverick’s end of the table.
Quietly and snickering Antonio told his brother;
“I have 10 bucks on loco sister”
Laughing to himself, Miguel agreed and the two of them waited with anticipation for the final outcome.
Sal was looking read hard at the photo now. He was at a loss as to how to respond or act. Rivkah was equally at a loss as Mona got closer and closer to Maverick.
Phil reached for a kitchen towel and tossed it to Betty in silence when Mona began to pour Maverick a cup of coffee. Maverick tightened up as she poured but nothing out of the ordinary happened. In the corner of Sal’s eye he could see Antonio hand Miguel a 10 dollar bill. Rivkah was relieved that Mona did not dump the coffee on Mavericks lap, so was Maverick.
Maverick looked to Mona and meekly said;
“Thank you”
She glared back at him with her frosty smile and said;
“It was nothing”
Then under her breath she retorted;
“Believe me”
Looking for an exit strategy Sal immediately asked Phil if he could see the Harley and the two of them made a hasty exit. Betty hollered;
In an effort to quell the artificial silence Rivkah grabbed the plate of cake and made her was to Mavericks side of the table. Betty made an motion to stop her but it was to late. As Rivkah approached Maverick Mona grabbed the cake from the plate and smashed it on Mavericks face. Rivkah scurried over to Betty’s side in search of safety.
Then a genuine smile befell Mona as she pranced to her end of the table. Maverick sat there for a moment then licked his lips and said;
“MMMM, I like the walnuts Betty”
In the corner of the room Antonio and Miguel were still snickering and Antonio said;
“OK Miguel, fork over my 10 bucks”
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 01, 2009 9:11 pm Post subject:

Mona did not help Betty and Rivkah clean up after supper. Which really did not surprise Rivkah any. The guys helped clear the table and took out trash for Betty. They showed a lot of respect for her.
Rivkah wondered if anyone would get any rest tonight after all the excitement of being on pins and needles all evening.
Wow! I did not plan for all this to happen! Just to think that I would end up meeting the couple that played leap frog with me down the highways. Here we are all staying as guests together under the same roof!
Rivkah tossed and turned as she heard muffled voices outside or in other parts of the house, one sounded like Mona’s as it got louder. I wonder if I will be able to get up early to help Betty? Sleeping in a strange place never was easy. Unless it was falling asleep in a sunny hill side field:)
What will happen next with my car and all? This has turned into quite an adventure!
She felt some one was close by, then a touch on her arm. She heard Betty whisper, I know you are awake! Want to come down for a cup of hot milk or cocoa? I think there are some ear plugs tucked away in one of the kitchen drawers that we could use. Rivkah could not help but laugh out load as she got up to follow Betty.


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