Buffalohair: BOMB IRAN FOR FUN AND PROFIT and keep that Magellan Fund alive.

Nov 23, ’07 3:23 PM
for everyone

BOMB IRAN FOR FUN AND PROFIT and keep that Magellan Fund alive.

Both Democratic and Republican hopefuls Hillary and Rudy are in favor of escalating the Mid East tensions by bombing Iran in a show of military strength. This is sure to cost the US tax payers trillions and fatten the bank accounts of party official who are heavily invested in the War Based economy George W. Bush built. The excuse this time, weapons of mass destruction. As we all know, Iraq was billed with this same excuse and Sadam Hussein was murdered in the process. It is funny how former allies during the Cold War became our enemies whence the Berlin Wall was torn down. Thanks Ron.

Good ole Ronnie Reagan is touted as some hero for balancing the budget when all he really did was to include the Social Security Funds into the general fund. Now it’s all but bankrupt since the money was spent for war and lining the pockets of our so called leaders. Now King George W. wants to secure his name in history as the man who single handedly started WW III since we have been warned by fellow nuclear power Russia that we would be making a grave mistake is we bombed Iran. Remember President Putin’s warning to the US if we made war in Iran a few short months ago?

Now George W and Dickie Boy are playing Russian Roulette with our lives since they already have shelters to jump into when the missiles fly. The world should know “We the People” of the United States are not buying into this mad man’s plan for world domination and this new Corporate Fascism that is spreading like a cancer. Fact is, the vast majority of the people I’ve interviewed around the country are totally against George W’s plans. He is a lame duck president who is hell bent on making money for his cronies and a select few. His interests are not that of the people. Fact is, he is a traitor to this nation and the core tenets this nation was founded on.

And now, all our presidential candidates are equally as corrupt since they are poisoned by the greed disease since they are heavily invested in everything we the people are suffering with. Health Care, The Insurance Scam, The War Industry, Oil and much more are issues that have turned into profit making ventures as these political criminals rape this nation. The media at large is owned by conglomerates that are a part of the problem and not a part of the cure. It’s all about the money Paisan.

There is no real news other than Paris Hilton garbage since all the talking heads are the same. The only real contest is to see who will be boss of this now corrupt political system. Gads, Dick Cheney, Osama and Hillary are related anyway. Does that not register a Red Flag of some kind? And I’ll bet the rest of them boneheads are related somehow as well. Maybe they were all conjoined at birth by strings from the lobbyists of the insurance industry or was it oil? Maybe it was the war toy manufacturing industry. It is hard to tell these days since this nation is run by corporations and not the people anymore. We the people are simply the working class, expendable and of no real significant in the grand scheme of things. Our kids are the pawns in this war mongering industrial Fascist Regime. Corporate Fascism is the new face of America these days and it’s a small wonder this nation is hated even by members of the free world.

I should make a sign that all nations of the world can post when they see George W Bush walking their way, “If you’d take more time for your own business, you would not have enough time for mine” and boy do we have some unattended business. The totality of our infrastructure is disappearing while the bottom is falling out of our economy. NAFTA is crippling our home based industries as industry simply moves to other nations with no environmental laws or minimum wage.

Maybe I should broadcast “Gary Owen” world wide so everyone can be forewarned that a New Custer is on his way. And he is hell bent on reeking havoc in their nations with this new form of Manifest Destiny. George “Armstrong” Bush and Dick “Chivington” Cheney, that sounds about right though fore there is no difference in what Custer and Chivington did to us Natives. The early dynamic duo murdered their way into the hearts of millions. And the two goons we have at the helm of this nation are doing the same thing but in a grander scale.

It would be kewl if world leaders actually had to fight each other rather than the people of the respective nations. This would save many lives as well as money. Then maybe these boneheads who call themselves leaders and presidents would think twice before shooting off their mouths and starting wars. Bet George W would have thought twice before mixing it up with Sadam. That would have been a kewl grudge match eh. Putin looks like a scrapper though. And there is George, alcoholic turned prez.

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