Buffalohair NativeVue Killer Jelly Fish on the Attack

Nov 23, ’07 9:46 AM
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As Industry boasts of a newly opened trade route through the Northwest Passage, the ocean claims villages from Alaskan Natives and Florida slowly begins to disappear, it’s only obvious the negative effects of Global Warming are already upon us. In many scientific circles the effects of this event are coming much sooner than expected. One effect previously uncalculated was the migratory routes of jelly fish, Pelagia nocticula (mauve stinger) in particular.

Yea well so what? Who could give a flying Frisbee about a jelly fish anyway? OK, let’s say you decide to take a dip in the ocean and discover you are totally engulfed in a sea filled with these neuro toxin filled buggers eh. Surely it would spell death since you would be stung to the point of paralysis. Just imagine a herd of jelly fish about 10 miles square and about 35 feet deep. Well that is just what happened to The Northern Salmon Company if Glenarm Ireland.

Like cattle ranchers they raise salmon in netted corrals in the ocean. Their fish are raised in a totally organic environment since they are raised in the sea with no artificial chemicals or foods. Their product is sold all over the world or should I say was sold all over the world fore they lost their entire crop of fish off the coast of Belfast to this unprecedented showing of jelly fish. In some circles this would be considered the risk of doing business in this environment. But in all actuality this is yet another sign of global warming since these jelly fish are used to be found in the warms waters of the Mediterranean and in no way were they ever found in such a massive gathering such as this.

While the corralled fish were being moved to the safety of pens, they were engulfed with this dense pack of deadly jelly fish. Futilely three boats tried in vane to save the defenceless fish as they were being moved to safety. Eventually more then 100,000 salmon valued at $2,000,000 dollars were killed or left dying from the toxic stew of jelly fish. In effect, the Northern Salmon Company was put out of business.

As the Earth gets warmer andthe polar caps melt the coastlines will simply disappear like in the case of Florida as erosion eats away at its shores. Or did you hear about this one yet? Like the villages in Alaska the ocean is slowly claiming the shores of some coastal communities in Florida already. Yup boys and girls, the disastrous effects of global warming are already here. To the chagrin of industrialists and corporations who thought they would already be dead by the time these effects took place. Sorry Charlie, you get to suffer along with the rest of us eh.

There are some key factors that do not seem to make the press. Sure man has played a role in this global disaster and man has been foolish about the uses of natural resources. We can point to this as one of the factors since it is totally true but man is only part of the scenario fore the Sun has been getting warmer. Polar caps on Mercury, Venus and Mars have begun to melt as well as the warming of the solar system as a whole. There is no turning back this cycle kids. The effects of this major climatic change are going to be felt in our lifetime. And radical Earth Chances have already begun.

Even if man was the only culprit in this disaster, the cycle has already begun and there is no turning back. Rather than pretend this is not happening our so called leaders of the world should be spending OUR money in building aqueducts, alternative energy resources, relocation of major populations in the KNOWN areas where the sea will soon reclaim and prepare for the next Ice Age for it is just around the corner. After the warming period the climate will change and you better believe it will happen before we know it. Just ask the Woolly Mammoth or other animals who’ve been frozen in state and preserved fore eternity.

Scientists or Alchemists of this era do not know as much as they think they do as nature begins this cycle of change. From what I’ve researched over the years science has only verified the words of oral histories and accountings of the coming change on Earth. At one time the scientists and leadership of the day KNEW the Earth was flat and had all the calculations, scientific jargon and facts on their side. They knew these figures to be fact and there was no disputing it. Scientist is only now beginning to understand what the Maya and other advanced civilizations once knew. The Dogon people of Africa new where Cirrus was before so called civilization invented the telescope. If only the libraries of the Aztecs were not burned to the ground and all their “Intellectuals” were not murdered in cold blood and their children kept for slaves. Maybe we would have a better handle on the coming events. The mysteries of Europe will never be told since all history was obliterated since the time of Charlemagne and before. And truly, we now live in the Dark Ages and are ill prepared for the coming Earth Changes.

There was one news item about the rumblings on a volcano in Indonesia this week. In all actuality there have been many as the Ring of Fire prepares for a light show that will soon usher a new tide of Earth Changing events. Solar flares will soon incapacitate the world of electronics as these flares filled with Electro Magnetic Pulses reek havoc on everything electrical. On a side bar, I’ve noticed a change in humans as well during these EMP events. After all, the brain is operated by electricity. So if a grid can be shut down causing a black out in a third of the nation and little Joey Zimmermann’s transistor radio can be effected by these solar events. They why not the human brain? People are wigging out as it is and coincidentally there are more solar flares then ever before these days, go figure.

We are at the beginning of the end but not the end of Earth but the end of a way. The way of greed will soon be thrust into chaos as what was once thought to be important becomes nothing more than a memory of foolishness and material lusting. It does not matter which continent you reside on fore there are people who still adhere to the ancient teachings and oral histories. This is the key to survival, the ancient observations and recorded histories of how others survived the changes in the past. Fore if they did not survive, we would not be here today. We all have access to the true key to survival and it is there for you to understand.

The core of all religions are the same and the tenets are quite basic or at least they were before scribes altered all these wonderful works. The secret to surviving the coming changes were in black and white before man decided that using religion was the key to controlling the masses. The notion there could be anything called a “Holy War” is a contradiction of terms at best fore there is no such thing.

One day there will be a New World Order and it will not be the one King George W. Bush is building with his brand of Corporate Fascism. Fact is, he will be luck to survive regardless of how many secret shelters there are in America for the elite class. To think man can build shelters or develop a kingdom underground is ridiculous indeed. Cheyenne Mountain and all the underground facilities therein will be nothing more than prisons for those who seek this man made sanctuary. Call it a fitful dream but I saw this as well as a network of underground sanctuaries in Europe, Asia and the US.

Man and his arrogant ways actually think they can control the Earth. Whether it be by secret connections with Aliens or some secret Sanskrit works, it all means nothing. They are just as much a lie as this contemporary society we call Civilization fore it truly is not. As far as space dudes are concerned, so what. I could give a flying crappola since it was always said that there is both good in bad throughout the universe eh. This axiom has been understood since the beginning of man. There was a passage I remember, “The Creator sent messengers throughout the universe to teach of good and bad, right and wrong” so it is a no brainer we are not alone in this vast universe. So get over it. There is more going on within the confines of the spirit world than man can ever imagine and nothing is impossible, that is a given.

Kingdoms made by Green Paper will soon be worthless as the totality of the Earth Changes comes to light. Mankind will be humbled beyond words as Ma Earth enters a much more virulent phase in her cycle. World Domination will be replaced with World Survival as mankind scrambles to find sustenance and shelter when the Great Freeze comes a knocking boys and girls. It’s as simple as that eh. The meek shall inherit the Earth and a rich man will die of starvation in his sleep while using a sack of pinto beans as a pillow it is said.

Personally, I have no fear of death since there is no such thing. Call it a hunch or call it having absolute faith within the confines of my Native traditions and religion. By no means will it be the end of Earth but it surely will be the end of the way of greed and material lusting. And that would be something to behold indeed.

Now if you will excuse me, I’m going to make myself a peanut butter and jelly fish sandwich. Bon Appetite’

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