Nov 29, ’07 12:54 PM
for everyone


As if Native people did not have more to worry about it would appear the Shoshone Nations has their hands full. The Cortez Mining Company is in the process of coercing the Feds into breaking another treaty and it’s about gold. What is it about the name Cortez that seems to ring a bell eh? Oh, that’s right since it was some dude named Cortez who murdered the Aztec’s over the very same issue, GOLD. But I don’t think they will kill the tribal chief and toss him to the ground, hope not anyway. But the blatant disregard for treaties and been pandemic for centuries as gold hungry people lied and murdered their way into the hearts of Native people though out the America’s.

Mount Tenabo is a very sacred site filled with artifacts of the Shoshone Nation. There is no price tag that can be placed on this significant sacred place fore money is not of importance. This site is a part of their culture and a part of them as a people and they are asking for your help in signing a petition to try and influence the government into honoring their treaty. It does not matter where you live on this planet since public opinion seems to be a great motivator in influencing the political powers that be. I would also suggest that you spread the world and let the world know what is happening to these honorable people.

If only we had the internet back in the days of the Conquistadors. Maybe then the European community would have put a stop to the death and destruction of Native People’s through out the America’s. I have provided their humble request as well as a link to sign the petition provided.

Dear Friend,
The US Bureau of Land Management is currently reviewing a
proposal to expand the Cortez Hills Project. If approved, it
would be one of the country's largest gold mines. The project
would disturb over 6,500 acres of public land-all of which are considered
 traditional lands by the Western Shoshone. 
We urgently need your help to convince the US government to deny
this proposal.
The entire area lies within Western Shoshone boundaries of the
1863 Treaty of Ruby Valley, which recognized Shoshone rights to
this land. The area includes Mount Tenabo, an extremely
significant spiritual and cultural area to the Western Shoshone.
Many Shoshone have long expressed deep concerns and outright
opposition to any further exploration on their lands, without
their free, prior, and informed consent. The on"US Bureau of Land
Management is currently taking comments on this proposal until
Dec. 4. We are calling on our supporters to join with us in
signing the petition urging the bureau to reject this proposal.
Please sign the petition today!
Thank you for standing with Oxfam and the Western Shoshone.
We can make a difference is we all join in. And time is 
running out since December 4th is just around the 
corner. I thank my brother Si Thomas of the 
Shoshone/Paiute Nation for the heads up on this issue. 
You remember Si from the Duck Valley Indian Rez eh. 
Thanks Bro.
Your Devil's Advocate

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