Nov 26, ’07 8:03 PM
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Since the devastating jelly fish debacle that destroyed Ireland’s salmon farming industry last week another herd of jelly fish has been spotted of the coast of Scotland. Sure enough this will wreak havoc on their fish farming industry as well as fishing in general. There is no question that global warming is entering a much more virulent stage sooner then the scientific community expected. Fact is we don’t have to worry about future generations and their survival; we have to face the effects now.

Though the world chose to ignore the Alaskan Eskimos as they loose their tribal land and culture as well as the erosion of the Florida coast line, nature has another plan. Our food chain is under assault and we are feeling the effects now. The scientific community already is concerned about absolutely everything that grows and lives these days as climate change has taken an abrupt tune for the worse. Nature is already adapting to this as jelly fish begin to invade the seas for more food. It will not be long before absolutely every aspect of nature shows these signs of change. And it will be to the chagrin of mankind.

The Andes glaciers are disappearing at such a fast rate that scientists believe they will gone by mid century. I beg to differ since I truly think they will be gone much sooner. From what I’ve witnessed in Alaska where the climate is much cooler the Andes glaciers will be gone in a fraction of the time science is predicting. Of course the first to be effected are the Indigenous people like the Aymara Indians and the world will turn a deaf ear until the totality of this reality strikes home since 11,000,000 people in the cities below will also suffer this dynamic change. No water, no crops, no cattle and no hydro-electric power. That’s just in one region of South America alone.

Hello Mac Fly, when will the world leaders address this disaster in the making? They will most likely follow the US lead in ambivalence and wait till bodies are bloated and drying in the desert sun before they lift a finger. There is no turning backthe clock since even scientific community’s world wide agree that we have gone well beyond the point of no return. Fact is the Hopi and other Indigenous people of the world have been giving warnings long before we reached a crisis. Industries response to this cataclysmic event was to introduce Green products and market Earth Friendly products, at a very handsome profit I might add. At some point money will not be the issue and survival will. Frankly folks, we are at that juncture now but Corporate Fascism has turned a deaf ear on these pleas and warnings.

Don’t get me wrong, green is good but it is too late, way too late to save us from the disaster that is upon us already. I read of many “tiny” incidents world wide and when I connect the dots it paints a picture of pending total economic and societal disaster. Mother Earth has already begun the much more virulent changes that were once thought to be something for our grand children to contend with. And I bet Industrialists thought the same thing. I used to read of these events on a yearly basis, then on a monthly basis. Now it’s more like a daily basis and with multiple events world wide. I know I’m not the only one who observes this.

Though it is not mentioned much except for a few blurbs as a side bar in the news, the Indonesian region is about to pop its cork as volcanoes are being born. The remnants of Krakatoa is coming back to life. Earthquakes have become common place in that region yet no one seems to be concerned at the magnitude of this sign. There are other regions on Earth that are getting ready to pop as well and what a show it will be eh. Diseases of an incurable nature are spreading across the United States at an alarming rate yet the CDC and other agencies do not with to cause a panic. Well, when do we start worrying, when we go to the hospital for an exam and come home with flesh eating strep or a flu that kills? By then it will be to late. We are becoming a plague ridden planet.

We are under assault from all levels of existence as I speak. And this is only the stuff that I am aware of. I’ll wager there are 100 fold more events that science and the world are not aware of or not mentioning. But mark my words, we will soon see for ourselves. I know the citizens of the state of Georgia know what I am talking about since they are almost out of water now. And what was the response? Let’s buy stocks in water the next market boom investment companies say. Of course it will be at the expense of human suffering just like everything else that is problematic in this nation, Health Care, Oil, the Insurance Scam and the list goes on. And it’s all about the money, that worthless piece of paper and the lusting therein.

They better invest in food as well since we are about to enter a phase of world wide food shortages. It will be a shortage mankind has not seen since the advent of the last Ice Age. Yup, investors who are making a fortune in oil will soon make a fortune in water and eventually on the food crisis that is just around the corner. And who could give a flying crappola anyway since by then money will become worthless. Like the old visions says, “A rich man will die of starvation in his sleep while using a sack of pinto beans as a pillow” One day your neighbors Targa parked in the driveway will be nothing more than an uncomfortable place to sit. The wealth of today will be nothing more than paper weights of tomorrow. Money will be nothing more than a funny paper that does not burn well. Sadly people will wonder why people killed for it in the first place.

Mankind will soon know what the survivors of the Donner Party went through during their stay in the Sierra Nevada Mountains during a hard winter about 150 years ago. Alfred Packer dined on his friends back in the day in Colorado when they were without food. Ah yes, I can see a few years from now at a quaint little restaurant off Melrose Blvd, The Chez Sapien. The waiter will say, “Donner, party of 33” Bon Appetite’
Yup, “Long Pork” will be on the menu as markets sell pork chops with one bone in the center. Gads, it would put a reality spin to movies like “Soylent Green” where they euthanized the elderly and made them into bit sized nutritional treats called Soylent Green. Yum.

Even if we only had a mini Ice Age like in the Middle Ages the world would collapse and kingdoms would perish at the shear magnitude of death and disease that will encompass the Earth. These “Elite Shelters” that are scattered around the globe better have plenty of food to weather the era of pandemonium that will reign. Like they say, you can run but you can’t hide. It is my hunch people who hide in these cavernous shelters will discover they are trapped in a mass grave as Ma Earth closes their escape routes. Aw, to bad so sad.

So I have fitful dreams. The people who know me also know of my visions and I’ll share this with you, take it or leave it. It was said that mankind would be on the brink of totalitarian rule just before Ma Earth blew her cork. And well, check out this bill our politicians are trying to pass as of this writing. This is the title and a site you can read for yourself, through the legalese.

S 1959 “Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007”


I read it and basically it gives the government total unabridged rule over the population of the United States of America with no regard to civil liberties, the Constitution, Habeus Corpus and the Bill of Rights. Don’t mean much to us Natives here in America since we lost our rights hundreds of years ago anyway. Both the Dems and the Reps at the top of the pile are going for it, it would appear since they allowed George Bush to pass an executive order giving him permission to go anywhere in the world without regard to sovereignty of any nation to pursue anyone he felt was a terrorist, even if he was wrong. Now this Act will close the gap in rights and civil liberties since there will be no need to have a trial. What ever eh, read it and weep boys and girls.

Point being, it was after this time that totalitarian rule became the law of the land Ma Earth was going to kick it in high gear. I venture to state the Internet is on the agenda and sever restrictions are just around the corner. It will be a thinly veiled bill to save our kids or stop Al Queada but the reality will be to stop the free flow of information world wide to keep people from knowing the truth. Maybe I put to much pineapple on my pizza and it’s all a bunch of fit full dreams after all I do suffer PTSD’s.

Ah, but there is a silver lining. In one of my fit full dreams I also saw the world after the Elements of the Four Directions finished cleansing Ma Earth though. Out of the cess and rubble of this once so called civilized society will emerge survivors. From all corners of the globe people of all colors and nations would come together. They will come together for survival and they will call themselves “The Human Race” They will go forward as a new people.

Whether I lived or died is of no consequence to me fore I know what is on the other side. It is the spirit world; the place from which I came from and the place I will return to. But if I have to survive, you’ll find me digging holes for outhouses, showing people how to make fire, hunt, smoke their meat and find water. Possibly I’ll be sitting under a tree telling stories about how life was before Ma Earth cleansed herself of all that caused her discomfort. Maybe I’ll live long enough to see the return of the buffalo to the barren plains. Then I would take my journey in a good way knowing my people are finally free.

Your Devil’s Advocate
Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind

Indigenous Native American Prophecy (Elders Speak part 1)

.. added the Elders Speak to the title, only because more clips will follow..

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