Nov 25, ’07 11:57 PM
for everyone


As toys from China are recalled for potential health hazards to children, the FDA has decided to add a side effects warning on the flu shots that have caused children to die and suffer neurological problems. You would think they would have done extensive studies on the effects on people like they claim to do.

Course you must remember they are only just now reviewing the people who does the testing. Why? There may be a possibility these people are industry connected. By their own admission they are tracing the financial statements of their testers to see who is actually lining the pockets. These are the people who are testing our food and drugs. In other words, we have been taken for a long hard ride. And it stands to reason since we are being fed poison as it is. The fox guarding the hen house. Just remember, the Feds allowed cocaine and opium to be sold to the general public at one time. Remember Thalidomide and a generation of deformed children it produced?

Imagine, all these years we have been given a bag of goods. Small wonder there is so much excepted garbage being sold these days. The toxic stew that is allowed to be sold is criminal as it is. Drugs with side effect like sudden death and heart disease are not cures they are poison. Vioxx was another classic example of deadly drugs our Federal Government has allowed on the market. What are they thinking anyway? Just follow the money Paisan, just follow the money.

It’s all about the money and the lobbying army of Corporate America has paved the way to clear many potentially deadly drugs to the American public for many years now. When you read 100 % Beef you must realize that bovines have many parts other than sirloin and tri tips. They have other squiggly parts that are ground up and formed into patties and other sundry delights sure to make you barf. The fast food industry is totally out of control with the garbage they sell our nation. Diabetes and other food related maladies like heart disease are excepted side effects of these poisons.

Corporate America has taken over and we are at the whim of those who are concerned about the bottom line and not the welfare of the people. It simply blows me away the FDA was aware of this deadly flu shot since 2005 and was simply reviewing this situation. Two years of reviewing, two years of deadly side effects and two years of profits for Corporations. That is only one situation we are aware of. I will wager there are other drugs that are killing people but from an industry stand point, this is acceptable collateral damage for the greater good.

Makes you wonder what is actually safe to eat and drink since we are basically alone with no protections from corrupt money mongering industrialist’s hell bent on profiteering on a trusting public. I am telling you lobbying should never have been accepted. It is flat wrong that someone can spend loads of money to wine and dine politicians for the sole purpose of influencing them towards the industry who is footing the bill. It is nothing more than stacking the deck against the public in this seedy form of corruption.

It should piss people off the Federal Government spends billions of tax payer dollars on research and development of drugs and the like. Then when they are developed industry charges the very tax payer for a drug they paid dearly for in the first place. The public gets hit twice for the cost of these chemicals then they pay with their lives when they ingest them.

So the next time you board a jet liner such as the Boeing 787 Dreamliner that is made of plastic which was tested in house by Boeing. Grab a Micky Dee’s animal remnants burger and enjoy the ride since one or the other will most likely kill you. The FDA and the FAA are playing Russian Roulette with our lives. Sadly the gun is pointed at us. Corporate Fascism is alive and well. Seig Heil !!

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