MINDLESS RAMBLING, now thats Kona…………

Posted: Sat May 26, 2007 11:43 pm    Post subject:
MINDLESS RAMBLING, now thats Kona…………

This time of change has only just begun it’s brutal side and I mean brutal. Moose pellets are hitting the fan all over the world as them bad spirits put on the coal. Yea just got to remember the words of them old buzzards. The Earth Changes will be absolute and on all planes. That means we really need to pay attention since we will be under assault on many levels of existance by evil. Its the ‘Full Meal Deal” eh.

In the Faiths begot by Abraham there is a passage of sorts that makes mention of brother against brother during the “End Times”. Well don’t drop the soap homie its going to get way worse before it gets better by a long shot. Seems old scams are coming back as well as new ones. Sadly, people are selling out lifelong friendships for relatively little monetary gain. Stick a quarter on the table next time someone comes over. Then check it when they leave.Your friend might have sold out his/her integrity for .25. Makes you wonder what else they swiped from you over the years. Then again, you might be delightfully surprised to discover your friend is truly honest, hmmmmmmmmm. Maybe he only takes large bills. It does hurt your heart when you discover these things in people you cared for. To realize they would actually steal from you even a quarter on the table, holay.

Guess I’ve been on the streets to long. I don’t trust a soul and I don’t mince words about it. On the streets its dog eat dog and anything goes because FAIR went out in the 30’s. If you get weak on the streets, your toast. From the shoplifter or hooker to the Capo or Crime Boss, you have to watch your back because nobody else will. When it comes down to it in the real world, you are on your own and that’s how it is.

Now that people are wigging out all over the place. Maybe folks will begin to realize exactly how intense this “Time Of Change” is going to get. If people are spazing out over spook sightings, voices or other paranormal events now. They will be jumping out of windows when this paranormal thing really gets going. People get freaked out over cups or chairs moving around or some spook saying lame stuff. Just the presents of a human spirit is enough to make them huddle in a corner with a hand full of beads. Just the thing you don’t do, show or have fear. They are only us with no skin and fueled by fear. For whatever reason, they are there and that’s that. Spirits 101. Believe me, there are other spirits (and things) out there that will get your attention.

So lets see, finding out the worst in people is a biggie. It stings when its a REAL pal. And it only goes down hill from there sorry to say. The trick will be to separate yourself from the “Mania” since it will appear that everyone is trying to get into your pocket or “gain” something from you at your expense of course. Its almost funny in a way. Here I am walking a good path after a life on the streets and now the world wants to be a gangster. Find a few of your homies with their brains all over the wall or side walk sometime. It wont be so glamorous anymore eh. Ba Da Bing, Ba Da Bang………………………………………Ba Da Boom.

But yea know what? It ain’t nothing but a meat ball Paisan. It don’t matter what kind of spirit, human, meat/no meat or a spazed out dude with all kinds of medicine. Just pray or ask the Creator within your tradition for help with these pinheads. It’s as simple as that. But the trick is to have absolute faith and don’t mix your medicine. Sometimes I’ll pray many times in a day. Just depends on whats going on or what I see. A ole Native once said; “Don’t be afraid to talk to the Creator”

And while your rapping with the Creator, burn some cedar.

Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind

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