Posted: Tue May 15, 2007 4:40 pm    Post subject:

Lets see here, hmmmmmmm. Need to rest up a few more hours before I head to LA. Glad my bud Dan did not whack himself at his girlfriend’s funeral. My personal Ernest Hemingway gads. I’m taking him with me to LA to go camera shopping. Hope I can get all the camera gear in the vehicle. I decided to go high definition after all. Being a 35 mm type guy, going digital has been quite an interesting transition. Canon has some kewl cameras but I sure like that new 200 Series from JVC. ARRI has a digital cam now but it’s priced beyond the reach of this Skin. Dan is a filmmaker as well so hopefully he will enjoy doing some film biz in Hollywierd for a change of pace. Maybe eat pasta with some old associates at the Capri. Do a dinner at the “Pantry”..

The bitchen part of this road trip is the fact I drive through Navajo Country and the place with BBQ lamb ribs to die for just outside of Gallup New Mexico on I-40. Just put newspapers all around me because I’m going to get messy eh. One time, my son and I stopped there for a bite and we became Wierpigs and ate 4 racks of ribs. Man, we were shiny from head to toe with grease. The fry bread was good to. Yup, that’s a 5 star rating according to my Aboriginal Culinary Adventure Score Card. Head through Tuba City and you’re bound to eat a killer Indin Taco. They are to die for as well.

So I rest for a day then head back on the road. Don’t have much choice since I have to get the new gear before the next project begins. And that’s on June 2nd, holay. Geeze I just realized something; my whole life has been one big road trip. Hmmm, “Road To Sanity”

Wonder if I’ll ever get there……………

My sister is only a phone call away and we speak at least 2 times a day. She knows I’m only a plane ticket away if she ever needs me. She knows I’ll do anything for her, that’s the best I can do. Ain’t nothing but a meatball Paisan. Hopefully I can get my “Daria” sounding mono tone sister back to Colorado to finish up her therapy and possibly spare her life.

Well what do yea know. I’m feeling much better after all.

Like my elders tell me;

“Just burn the cedar and pray”

Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind

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