Posted: Sun May 20, 2007 8:42 am    Post subject:

Westwood Village, Oy Vey!

So here I sit at Belair Camera and I’m a man possessed as I hunt a peck for camera gear for an up coming shoot. Going High Def with all the bells and whistles. just scored a JVC GY-HD250 with all the goodies to make motion picture quality flicks, perfect for us low to no budget Native film vato’s eh. Decided to sell off my first born and upgrade EVERYTHING. New tripod, monitor, lighting, mic’s, recorder, this, that, etc and everything else I could possible fit into the Tupperware and the back of my Saturn VUE.

Injun Does Good, more at 5…………

My Apache bud Dan sold a screenplay. Looks like the flick has a budget of 15.5 mil on the table. We just talked to the producers and the money people while in LA as well. I will post the “Official” press release along with my insane and manic perspective on this.

Let it be known that I will require an Iron Lung upon my return to Colorado. Small wonder people here need acid reflux medication. The air here is thick and full of wierd particulate matter called smog. I tasted a few Gamma, Alpha and Beta particals as well. Don’t get me started on my theory about living in a Post Nuclear War World. We all glow in the dark these days anyway. Hope you all realize this fact. Just think of all the disasters involving nuclear reactors. Of course, society does not make mention of this. But funny how we have all these “New” diseases. And funny how they resemble to a tee the effects of radio active conatmination whence one ingests anything nuclear. My lungs are forever altered as I become THE TOXIC FILM MAKER.

So my boxers will glow in the dark. Hmm “The Nuclear Native”, has a ring to it.

Like totally RAD man!

Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind

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