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Boy I’m glad somebody loves me out there. When I start ranting and raving about life’s twisted events and all the injustices that infect the First Nation. A bud will toss me a Snickers Bar and I’ll instantly know. I’ll turn and ask, “Am I…?” Then everyone nodes their heads even some passers by, gads! I’m not that bad, it’s just that everything pisses me off.

There was a time I had diabetes and needed to take pills (metaphorin). Then one day my ole lady’s aunt came down to Anchorage to visit. She lived on Saint Lawrence Island, located off the coast of Alaska just below the Arctic Circle. Funny part is, St. Lawrence Island is only a stones throw away from Siberia. Sadly this made the once pristine Eskimo enclave the site of US saber rattling and contaminating swaths of land on this remote island. Fact is, Traditional Eskimo communities suffer greater occurrences than average of cancers that I attribute directly to contamination. Hmmmmm, better check my sugar again….

OK, where was I?

My ole lady’s aunt came to visit her mom in Anchorage. We lived near Talkeetna but it was kewl to drive down to Anchorage. It gave us a chance to hit Burger King in Wasilla as a treat of sorts since we lived in the sticks. Once in Anchorage, it was Costco time then we’d visit her crazy Skimo Scumbag brother and he was a wild Eskimo to. I loved her whole family, dysfunctional as hell but you could not help but love them. Her mom was an elder, knew Yup’Ik history and I loved to hear her stories. What a snapshot of a diverse culture she was. To bad her daughter was criminally insane. Gads and I still miss the hag, I’m supposed to be mad, but I can’t. Is that post traumatic stress disorder? LOL……

So auntie shows up and everyone hangs out at the house while things begin to cook. I had to run to the airport freight terminal to receive some frozen boxes. One was frozen fish and the other was frozen seal and walrus. Auntie brought several sacks of herbs from the island and already had some defrosted and cooked walrus with her. She also had this ‘cake’ of blubber with her so we had quite a variety of goodies to enjoy. I already had a taste for seal oil so the oil she brought was well excepted by all of us.

Anyway, I ate this seaweed that washed ashore on their island and the stuff was good. I like clams and oysters so this was a rare flavor and texture experience for me, it was good. There was also an small fragile three leaf plant with a thin reddish stem. Seemed to grow in clusters if tiny stemmed plants. It was almost minty but not quite, but it definitely had a very pleasant flavor. I ate the plant raw and I drank it in a tea. The blubber was real good but one had to be careful not to eat to much since it’s rich in nutrients. Think it was three mouth fulls was all a person should eat of you could get sick. It’s pure nutrients, very rich.

We went back to Talkeetna and settled in. The baby was running around in the living room and this gave her and I a chance to relax. I also took the opportunity to check my sugar. Hmmmmm, it read 89 but I was just munching on some walrus roast on the ride back from Anchorage. I should have read high but it was kind of low. I did a double check and it read the same. What happen to 195 or 250?

Later on I checked my sugar, still sort of low. Then after a few weeks it became apparent to Char and me that I was no longer in need of Metaphorin. Somehow my diabetes disappeared, poof! I still buy strips and check my sugar but it’s gone the other way now. I have to maintain a diet to retain sugar now. Course, I’ve always been sort of hyper and burn energy big time.

So when I get a little froggy, just toss me a Snickers Bar.

Survival Snickers?

Works for me.

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