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While rummaging through all my old Stones albums, I became keenly aware of something. I speak with young people all the time. For some reason they feel comfortable in my presents and I think that’s way bitchen. But there is an issue I’ve noticed that haunt the younger people. And for the most part it’s the very same issue we had when we were their age. Remember? We had no respect from the older people. They always looked down on us.

No wonder the streets looked so appetizing. At least we got respect if we took care of biz. Did not matter how old you were, just so you knew the business and made money. The streets were always about business. Your life was at stake every single day you were on the block. But at least you knew the score and there was honor among thieves eh.

What an anal society this has become and the young are suffering from this. What crimes against the state have they committed that requires us to heap more and more restrictions on the younger people. Seems all these old farts who used to enjoy cruise nights, hanging with friends on the corner, even puff pot and drink a few brewski’s in the park have declared war on the young.

It’s almost laughable listening to these young people chat. They are very aware of the world around them. Remember how we saw things, with clarity and how we saw through all the BS society was trying to feed us? Well, these kids are light-years beyond where we were back then with this new information age we live. And they see the BS contemporary society is trying to ram down their throats. Even us old farts are freaking eh.

Add the street factor to a young person and you better have your story down or they will see through you like an MRI. I remember wanting someone to at least consider the things I said and to treat me with just a little respect when I was young. The kids today have extraordinary minds and advanced technology at their fingertips. They are nobodies fool by any means. And they see more clearly the world around them then we give them credit for.

We’ve grossly underestimated their young and brilliant minds. Why is that eh? Is it because we think we are more kool because we are older? How could being kooler justify being disrespectful anyway? And why is it ok to criminalize almost every aspect of being young when we were guilty of this and more back in the day. Gawd, we had real acid, Quaaludes, and a sundry assortment of prescription pills that every nuclear family had back then. So don’t give me all that smack about how perfect you wazzz, palezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

I liked being part of a crew when I was young. I liked that people gave us Carte Blanc, opened doors, and gave us the royal treatment. You did not have to like us; you might have even hated us. But you had to respect us. And for a kid who once ate out of dumpsters, the Sunday feast of pasta, imported figs and wine drinking while listening to Dean Martin (Nol Blu Di Pinto Di Blu) next to a pool with statues of naked dudes pissing in the water, was a time of peace and sanctuary from a hateful world. They treated me like family, something I never had before. And I even had a gun!!! Hmmm, run away sentence, boy I hate that.

So what does it take to respect a younger dude or gal anyway? Why can’t us buzzed out older people stop for just a moment and consider a viewpoint of someone who might be younger. Why can’t we remember what it was like when we were young? Why is that, gads? I’m not saying the young have it all going on. We have tons to teach them. And they want to learn but not at the expense if disrespect and condescending brow beating, homie don’t buy that. The young are into honor man.

Making them look stupid from not know some tradition and making a big deal out of it really runs our young off, big time. They go screaming into the night never to return to a pow wow grounds again. What ever happen to teaching with kindness and example? Surely, the Creator is not going to strike you dead for not remembering something in ceremony, that’s some other dogma. It’s the intent that matters anyway. Why make people feel dumb? So what if they are late to learn. Be frigging glad they are back in the first place. Don’t run them off again with petty smack about things; show them how it’s done in a good way. Man, I hate that ‘King of the Indians” attitude. It’s a form of disrespect anyway, capice?

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