Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2007 12:25 am    Post subject:

Did I mention the Andean flute group I’m doing music video for? Yup, I ran into this native flute group the other day while crusing The Santa Fe Trails Days Festival in Trinidad Colorado. It’s one of them events where they stop traffic and cause a major cluster fudge in town.

Anyway, this group was trying to find someone who would make them a promotional video to sell their music. Guess no one took them seriously since they were some long haired Injun dudes. Ain’t nothing but a thang since I’m a long haired Injun dude anyway. I just found it odd that people did not seem to give these guys consideration for doing a video.

Frankely, their money was just as green as anyone elses. And well, I’m coin operated so I took the job. I could see the relief in the dudes eyes when I told him I would do the video though. Made me sad to realize the extent prejudice has permiated society, stelthfully to.

My tech does video streaming as well as condure up bitchen web pages. So I think we will get these boyz going, up to speed and give them a competitive edge to sell their wares. I love shamless promotions and schtick in a contemperary vane. Hopefully I will come up with an upscale DVD that will rock.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, it’s only a music video but gawd. How many more Indigenous groups are out there struggling to be taken seriously only to be turned away. To think these boys even had cold hard cash (my favorite) and still could not get a soul to take them seriously.

I feel like solid gold already…………….

Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind

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