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Ah, what a nice day it is today. There is nothing but absolute pandamonium as dignitaries fly in from all over the world for tonights dinner, schedualed interviews and tomorrows event. Hope the governor does not get into a car wreck, seems to be the trend these days. I know, that was sick, works for me eh. Maybe he’ll get a DUI for drinking Nyquil. OK OK OK, I’ll get over it.


Be happy, this is a good day. I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful. I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful.


I got to tell you something, just for the record though. Even in the midst of all this ka ka. I have the time to make a few prayers alone the way. By no means are they for me, but for people who just look so anguished or troubled. It’s just an observation of mine. From Virginia to LA people are walking around with this load or burden of some kind, holay. So I pray for the ones who really stand out. In some cases, you can feel their medicine, all twisted and mixed. Sort of bound up like spiritual constapation.


There is a lot going on spirit wise though. I venture to state we are entering into a new phase of changes as we become concious of the paranormal. The spirit-world is interfacing more and more with our plane of existance. Believe it or not kids. Thats part of visions from traditional people accross the globe. It’s part of Time of Change. That should be a no brainer. Check it out homie. At some point in the future, everyone will be aware of the supernatual since it will be in your face.


All you Freddie Kruger/Casper thinking people who’ve been raised with this distorted perception of the other side will have the hardest time ajusting to the realities. Spirits will use your fears against you since there are no secrets on the other side, they see your goodies, even your secret dark ones…lol. People in general are going to have to get over many once excepted ideas in order to cope.


Eventually, it will become apparent that not everyone on Earth is crazy and in need of Zoloft or Prozac. That maybe, just maybe there are spirits from the other side trying to talk to us. And hopefully they will know there are both good bad spirits. Who knows, the first time a spirit lifts a chair or moves a stupid candle everyone will swear loyalty and undying faith to this new and powerful G*D.



Your Devil’s Advocate

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