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A funny thing happened on the way to the Oscars. And what a journey it has been eh. Dan, Antonio, and I are, “Tres Amigo’s” so to speak. And it’s been one thing after another with us to. Seems the closer we get to our goals the more crappola hits us right in the ass. First it was my sister and her cirrhosis, which still is a major issue for me, more on this later. Then there’s the sudden death of Dan’s sweetie Caroline plus his incarceration in Vegas in spite of the fact he was the victim of an assault. We are home licking our wounds when Antonio informs us his father dies, Dan’s favorite uncle. FYI, Antonio was one of Da Boyz taking care of biz for Yellow Thunder Camp outside of Rapid City back in the day, for those Skins who remember. He’s quite the talented filmmaker and activist who walks his talk.


And while all this jazz was happening, IT’S SHOW TIME! So our humor was quite arcane as we cope with death all around us. A dark comedy of sorts we joked about making a screenplay of this journey to the Oscars. The total chaos of production was a blessing since it took our minds off of the toil and tumult of life’s odyssey. All I can figure is this movie must really have some powerful medicine to cause evil to try and disrupt us in such a vial fashion by tormenting us with death and dying.


When we were done with the final shoot my tech and I was bushed. Friday was total pandemonium since we barely arrived at the conference hall and the keynote speaker was tired and wanted to do the interview NOW. I think we had just two lights on, not a gell in place and we had more to unpack. I still had to do audio and visual checks, holay. And so the night went. But all the interviews were fantastic and I found myself watching TV rather than being a cameraman. I was truly enriched by the experience as well.


I have to admit, I think it’s just to cool that my bud actually has a chance at an Oscar for Best Screenplay. I can see us now, Dan, Antonio, and I at the Oscars. We already planed to wear oversized coats to hide the Tupperware containers. WE figured we would go for the crab, lobsters, and all quality meats. WE will just load up and dump everything in the truck of limo. Hmmmm, maybe have an ice chest in the trunk so we can make another pass at the buffet. Hopefully we would not piss anyone off walking in and out of the theater. Just hope we hear when they announce Dan as the nominee for the Oscar. I can picture us in the parking lot checking out the chicks spacing the awards out.


So I finally begin to mellow out and actually greet people civilly not my usual glare. Then Iget a call from my sis. I was so happy to hear from her. My heart was filled with joy as I heard her “Daria” sounding monotone voice holler over the recorder “It’s your sister, pick up the phone!” I was excited and had much to tell about the events that transpired. We chatted for a bit when she paused. I had just asked her how she was doing. Then she informed me that she was being shuffled between two doctors who don’t know how to treat her. Why is that? The two doctors I was working with had no problem finding the areas that needed special attention. And her MELD was moving down the scale, which was a very great accomplishment. She was even getting her skin tone back and getting mouthy again. Oy Vey…..


Sadly she also informed me that she began to bleed from the nose, gums and other places of her body. Her blood factory is shutting down. Before she left here, I was working on the blood factory with nutrients and several other things within my culture. And it was working to the joy of everyone involved especially me. I must have read every book on the blood factory there was. Trying to isolate different nutrients was such a challenge for me since I had to battle emotions while coping with my sister mortality also. In essence she is dying now. And all of a sudden, I feel helpless and very small.



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