Posted: Sat Mar 03, 2007 6:19 pm Post subject:



My uncle back in Oklahoma has a message for all the Natives in Hollywood and the world, ‘CALL YOUR REZ!” No kidding, like all them old timers, he’s in the know about things all over Indian Country. Them old buzzards stay in touch and not much slips passed their watchful eyes. Anyway, he say’s it’s all to common where Skins leave the rez to make their way and forget to call home. Some don’t call at all. It’s an on going situation that is hurting the old ones from what he tells me. The elders are worried their people/culture will soon drift apart and disappear. I promised him I would find a podium to send this message……….


CALL YOUR REZ! CALL YOUR REZ! CALL YOUR REZ! CALL YOUR REZ! There are people who love and miss you that want to know if you’re OK.


Your Devil’s Advocate


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