Buffalohair, “Woodpecker Waltz” Scuttlebutt

“Woodpecker Waltz” Scuttlebutt

October 16th, 2007 by Buffalohair


As we draw down on production day I can’t help but be a little excited. I have some video work to do on the film and I am happy with that. Then Dan Leonetti, writer of the screenplay, informs me of a part in the flick. He tells me the role of “Henry” a big mean spirited death row inmate who is obsessed with listening to the Lone Ranger on the radio. He’s a cop killer, mean and ugly with attitude and everyone is intimidated by him. Then Dan tells me, “You would be perfect for the role”. Umm, all rightie then.


Well I was elated with the dubious honor of playing Henry in the film. But talk about typecasting eh. So I get to play a “goon” in the film, some things just seem to follow me around I guess. My big scene debut is on page 80 when I get marched off to be executed. And it has a dynamic that is sure to make a grand dramatic return to the stage. At least I’m not typecast as a Native cop killer. But most likely I’ll be typecast as a “goon” and forever be known as the “Cop Killer” in Woodpecker Waltz.


But what if the flick wins the Oscar? I guess I will have to hunt down the Tupperware and Wal-Mart bags for the Oscars banquet then. And I’ll have to find a way around security to stash all the victuals I’ve liberated. All that shell fish, crab and lobster just sitting there going to waste eh. Should I bring extra paper plates and aluminum foil? I can see my contingent from Oklahoma at the Oscars as we sit in the back row. Can we buy popcorn at that Oscars place or is it more a bring-your own-affair? You’ll be able to tell where we are sitting since blankets will mark our seats, kids will be running around and my elders will be getting an eye full from all the scantly clad ladies. And there sits my aunties with that stoic glare as my poor uncles try not to gawk.


Ah but the opportunities that would unfold for me staggers the imagination. I’ll get roles as a goon and “mean” my way through the Hollywood experience. I can see it now; I can be the Hamburgler in MacDonald’s commercials. Maybe I can play the Bad Santa in the sequel to that deranged flick. Most likely I’ll fade to black as my career goes back behind the scenes where I belong. After all, you can’t be a Devil’s Advocate when you’re reading lines and finding your mark eh.


Yeah, what if the flick wins an Oscar? That will be cool beans. But what if they simply “can” the flick for later distribution? That happens more than you know. Many flicks will get canned until a later date. There are many variables within the motion picture industry that dictate what will be premiered. Fortunately this film is ear marked for world wide distribution. Anything can happen but if you pick up your check at the end of the week that’s all that really matters enit? Break a leg…………


Your Devil’s Advocate



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1 Comment » 1. You playing a badass? Def’ playing against type, you big o’ fluffball. Comment by Carole Levine — October 16, 2007 @ 2:01 pm

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