Rick Dakotah, The Author

Rick Dakotah, The Author

October 17th, 2007 by Buffalohair admin

rick dakotahSince I’ve met Rick I’ve been introduced to a wonderfully gifted self made artist. He forged   his own path to stardom and became a  world-class musician who dazzles crowds the world over with his music. A man for  all seasons, Rick mastered every musical instrument he picked up. He is truly a   musical prodigy at the very least. Then  I discover Rick is also a wonderfully talented writer and artist as well. His love of the arts and beauty is apparent in his literary endeavor with Artwork, an earlier release, and now Thoughts and Images.

After reviewing Artwork and Thoughts and Images it’s apparent to me Rick Dakotah is more a diamond with many facets all of equal majesty, beauty and excellence. Though he was raised within the sophisticated venues of England, the Native perspective still shines through the facade tea and crumpets. His first love is music but his second passion is art from any genre he chances to endeavor it would appear. His ability to lean any musical instrument as needed is only a reflection of his ability to pickup a pen, paint brush or camera and evolve a masterpiece that has delighted fans worldwide for years.

The arts will take you into the world of interpretation since these drawings are inspired and complemented his music over the years. Art is the window to the soul and art is a very real part of Rick Dakotah’s spirit. There is a part of Rick in everything he creates and it offers a view of his persona.

Thoughts and Images is yet another glimpse into the soul of this remarkable human being. With poems and lyrics of his own design you get yet another view of this mysterious and reclusive artist.  He is a driven man, driven to achieve and accomplish goals that were once left for others. He refused to be typecast even within the world of art and truly has spread his wings.

But there is more to this story since it’s not just all about books or music. It’s also an inspiration to other Natives who have been pigeon-holed and typecast in all genres of the entertainment and art world. After all he was Ojibwa when he was adopted out of this country and raised in Jolly Old England. Though he was multi-talented he was rejected because he was not Indian enough. Guess full blood Ojibwa is not Indian enough eh. With doors closing all around him he decided to make a go of it alone and would not except failure. The only formal education he received in the music world was from the University of Hard Knocks as others tried to fit him into their mold. Rick made his own door and he is the only one with the key.

thoughts and images artwork

Rick bares the same scars as the rest of us since he faced the same prejudices in the entertainment world. He had his struggles with the BIA as well. Again, Rick utilized this opportunity to forge a trail that few ever walk. It’s called the road to success and to coin a phrase from ole Blue Eyes, “and he did it his way”.

Gads, if he decided to become a hard bitten journalist and commentator I’m toast eh. I can see it now as I pull up to the parking lot of NativeVue. There will sit my pocket protector, my duct tape encrusted computer and my Tim Horton’s coffee mug with a note, “Sorry old chap, pip pip and all that rot, ……………..Rick”. There will be Carole and Rick in the penthouse flinging my CD’s and DVD’s out the window like they were Frisbees. They will be wolfing down my stash of Snickers bars as they laugh shamelessly.  And there will be my sister Ann shooting skeet as my life’s work literally goes out the window. Good shot Ann, holay!




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