For some reason, I managed to stumble into another motion picture project. My bud Dan got a commitment on his screenplay. It’s way choice and I will tell you more later on. But the meat of this Sunday chat is a conversation I had with one of the entities in this movie project. This is a major project with some heavy players with a budget of 15.5 mil on the table, so all the players are serious. Gawd, I want to tell you more but I am sworn under penalty of death not to divulge “STUFF”. But I did meet a few interesting people I can chat about.

Crag Severa, “Advocacy Specialist” at The Arc Of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs Colorado is what I call a hero. He is also a writer for Mouth Magazine. OK so the guy is not of Native Blood but his heart truly has the light of the Creator for he is a champion, and a voice for those who have no voice. He works with the developmentally disabled when they encounter the law. His uncanny ability to find his way into interrogation rooms, jail cells, judges chambers and the like are legendary within legal circles in Colorado. He is truly the voice of the voiceless. If ever there was an Arch Angel of the Handicap and Voiceless, it is Crag Severa.

Oh and by the way. There is a little something else Crag does from time to time that I found most endearing to me. He performs rescues when he gets wind of people who are being abused, tortured and held against their will. Hmmmmmm, sounds familiar? He’s in the trenches like moi.
Ok so there are a few nice white folks around doin kewl stuff with skins. So what’s so special with this Crag dude?

What I found most compelling was a story Crag told me about a rescue he recently performed. Seems this former ranch hand snitched a lady off to Child Protective Services for having a kid tied to a leash. Once Crag got wind of this situation, he was out of his office and performed the rescue. And sure enough, there were other kids around, but the only kid with a collar and leashed to a table was an adopted Native boy. And he was living like an animal while the other foster kids lived unshackled.

Apparently it was all about the numbers with this woman as she collected children. In the case of the native boy, he was adopted out of either the Rosebud or Pine Ridge rez. He is still researching this poor child’s roots. Fact is, the boy is living with Crag and his family and is gaining social skills. So the transition from animal like existence to a human one is under his caring eye and that of his loving family.

It is fortunate that this boy was rescued by Crag. But imagine all the other voiceless children who are nothing more than numbers by unscrupulous foster parents. I lived in foster care and was segregated out of the herd because of my ethnicity. My mom contracted TB and she had to go away for a long time and since my step dad was using me a punching bag, I was placed in foster care. No one listens to you when your there and anything goes eh. Wish Crag was around when I was a kid.

He might not be a Native but he’s a wonderful human being and I am honored to be working with him on this film project.

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