Back up News, Disaster News Network: Jul 25, 2007 Dozens of wildfires still burning in West

Disaster News Network: Dozens of wildfires still burning in West …

Jul 25, 2007 … At the Idaho-Nevada border, the Duck Valley Indian Reservation remained … In the West, fires were burning in California, Utah, Montana, …

Higher humidity and some rain Tuesday helped firefighters in the battle with a massive wildfire burning in Idaho and Nevada, one of dozens of large fires still burning across the West. Forecasters warned that scattered dry thunderstorms could move into the region Wednesday afternoon which could spark additional fires.

As firefighters made progress on the nearly 600,000-acre Murphy Complex wildfire, the last of the evacuation orders was lifted Tuesday for the small town of Jarbidge, Nev. The most active part of the fire was in Nevada, where five other fires were burning. At the Idaho-Nevada border, the Duck Valley Indian Reservation remained without power for another day after the fire burned utility poles last week. The Shoshone-Paiute Tribe declared a state of emergency for the reservation.

More firefighters – now totaling about 730 – were brought in to battle the blaze which was 20 percent contained. Officials said they expected full containment Aug. 4.

Nationwide, 42 large wildfires were reported burning in 11 states on Tuesday covering nearly 1.5 million acres, the National Interagency Fire Center reported. In the West, fires were burning in California, Utah, Montana, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington and Wyoming. The Murphy Complex fire was one of 14 blazes in Idaho that have scorched more than 840,000 acres in that state.



Jul 25, 2007

A new entry has been posted to the Journal:
Raven’s Lament
Subject: Anyone Else See The Irony Of This?
Author: rdautumnsage
Am I the only one the irony is lost with this one? A close friend of mine Anne from “Beauty In Art” posted this in her journal. The irony for me-this is worthy of front page news. Yet I had to hear this second hand from someone else …

I even asked Doc if he had heard anything as far as media coverage on this fire. He was surprised that with the enormosity, there had been nothing to speak of mentioned. It’s not often the pissed off Native comes out of me. But I’m spitting furious right now. These people are human just like the rich residents of California that lost their homes. We heard endless coverage of the wildfires there. So what gives? And you wonder why so many Native Americans are still furious, still fighting, still screaming.

Don’t even begin to bring up the casinos. Those enterprises rarely go toward helping those in need on the reservations themselves. In this case it seems we are justified in feeling the negligence of our own government. I don’t see Bush, Cheney checking to see if these people are safe. What’s the difference Mr. President not enough publicity helping the Natives of this country? Is this what we call fair treatment???? Unfortunately I’m on a limited budget, but I can guarantee you when I get the funds I’m going to do what I can to help. Every little bit helps. It doesn’t matter what color their skin is they are still Americans, they are still human , woman, children, families that need help! I’m asking one friend to another if you can help in any way please not for me but these people that need our help. If you can do nothing more than pass this on to others to let everyone know of their plight it will have been something.

What the hell has this country come to, when help is determined by the color of your skin? I am so disheartened by the lack of attention to this matter, it’s unbelievable. I really don’t give a damn about some celebrity princess falling off her high horse. This is reality, this is life. Please, whatever you can do to bring this to the attention of others. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! From my spirit to yours stay safe and loved!

Actually Hon, that’s what a lot of us Natives have been asking for a while. If any  a very small percentage does go there. Most of it is used to benefit the owners of the casinos the tribal elders. Tribal elders are no longer what they used to be. Most are more white thinking in the aspects of greed and looking out for themselves. It’s sad that most people are really unaware of this. They look at the casinos and think we are well off. Is well off living in a small home with no insulation, no running water, still using out houses ? I’ve lived in trailers in better conditions then some of the homes on the reservations. (Hugs) Indigo
#2 Comment from
rdautumnsage – 7/25/07 4:55 PM

It isn’t fair. But, I think it’s all about money. The coverage in CA and in Lake Tahoe was intense because of a lot of loss of money…and isn’t that what makes the world go ’round? The almighty dollar! That’s what will make the front page, sadly.
I thought the Casinos did help the Native Americans. I really thought they did receive money from them. They are peppered all through our state here. And when I drove up to WA from CA they were found about every 25 miles or so. So where does the money go?
Pam xoxox
#1 Comment from
lanurseprn – 7/25/07 4:44 PM

Duck Valley Reservation in Dire Need! – Please forward to all of your lists. Thank you.

I spoke with Kyle  Prior – Chairman, and Robert Bear – Vice Chairman, and the Council of Elders at the Duck Valley Reservation in a telephone conference. A more recent report states that their power has been restored, etc. This is only partially true. The Tribe has almost depleted what little tribal money they had , which were intended to carry the Elders & children through the winter season, to buy portable generators, fuel to run them, bottled water, and dry ice to try and keep their perishable food safe for as long as possible.  I have been charged by the Creator to try and spread the word in order to help our Brothers & our Sisters…even though they are not Cherokee….they are still Native Americans….over 2,400 have been effected by this tragedy….mostly Elders & Children. They have been unable to take showers. The water supply is contaminated with ashes. The generators are being used to try and keep their People as cool as possible. If you are able to help, I urge you to please to so…even the smallest donation will bring a blessing. They are still trying to get a committment from the US Government to help. It has now been 11 days!!!  Even if you are unable to send a donation at the present time, if you are able to do so anytime during this winter season, it will help. And most importantly Pray to the Creator!  I was told that donations can also be sent directly to the Reservation to help them recover some of their costs.      Angela/ WindDancing   Please send to:    Disaster Fund  Duck Valley Reservation  P.O. Box 219  Owyhee, Nevada   89832

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