A FUTURE MELISM, or what Mel might say on Good Morning America, someday.

NativeVue 2008

A FUTURE MELISM, or what Mel might say on Good Morning America, someday.

Mel Gibson announces another new film. “Intellectualypto”. The movie is set in contemporary America during a time when people with intellect have begun questioning government, history and facts in general. In an effort to stem this tide of “questioning”. Mel has written a film that addresses this and his rise to fame.

Though the original title was called, “My Struggle”, Intellectualypto seems to capture the essence of the film.

“With to many people questioning written history about church and state. I find it important that I expose Heritics and Consorts of the Devil who don’t take the word of G*D or King George.

In this film, I expose the damage free thinking can do to a society. All them people, comparing notes and “discovering” lies within our published texts. I expose how facts have almost destroyed my career and how I lied my way to the top.

For 500 years, our forefathers have painstakingly wrote and rewrote history to keep our nation, “Looking Good” in the worlds eye. And for a few Intellectuals to “discover truths” that are contrary to our popular beliefs is absolutely unAmerican.

I want a rebirth of “Blind Loyalty” and will stop at nothing to crush this Zionist attempt to speak truths in contrast to our excepted comtemperary wisdom. We need to eliminate these “Intellectuals”, free thinkers and conquered people called Natives from all of society. They want to poison our young with their “truths”. They want to taint our perfect state with their words of fact.

America is the land of the free and they want to destroy all that we’ve built over the years. This truth they speak of will cripple our society and ruin all that we’ve taken in the name of G*D. And our freedom does not include them. they want to alter our Manifest Destiny”,….. Mel Gibson on Good Morning America sometime in the future.

Your Devil’s Advocate


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