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There are many subcultures within the music world and Hip Hop is one that truly has come of age. Hip Hop has always been associated with inner urban life. It has become a musical snapshot of existence within the concrete jungle of major metropolitan centers across the country. Hard bitten and vulgar to some it paints a picture of the stark realities in an uncensored and raw style that gets the listeners attention. From the Ghetto, Barrio, the Rez, and the youth in general Hip Hop has become the voice of an angry generation.

After listening to many up and coming artists within the Hip Hop world I must admit Hip Hop has a very real message. There are many critics of Hip Hop about its content, language and its influence on our youth. Well if you want my two bits on this whole kit and caboodle. Hip Hop is only a reflection of what our youth already see, feel and experience. All the concerns at this juncture is liken to closing the barn door after the horses got out, holay…HIP HOP

Hip Hop is more a window a glimpse of reality that is much more intense then once thought. It’s more a diverse selection of ballads raw, stark and vulgar of life on the streets, perspectives, and questions no one bothers to answer. There are many urban Natives from LA to New York and all points in-between with many such tales. They tell stories universal to the younger generation caught in a world of tumult. In many respects, Hip Hop as a whole has bridged the gap culturally as cultures from around the world embraced this genre, Hip Hop Italiano? Yeppers eh.

Frankly our youth are way more observant to the world around them then we want to give them credit for. As our youth looked on we as a generation of adults have dropped the ball. Sadly we’ve dropped the ball in plain view of a dismayed audience. So called civilization has left this world in totally chaos as poverty, wars, racial hatred and greed have taken over the landscape. The division between the ‘haves and have-nots’ has grown completely out of proportion. The new color of choice has become green as family values were determined by tax bracket. And we wonder why our younger generation is angry, confused and dismayed? “Do as I say and not what I do” is society’s message to our youth plain and simply. Life has become a contradiction of sorts. Our generation has become the generation of the big lie. We’ve become the “blinders generation”, as I put it, while justifying wrong for a “greater good” in a superficial façade of morality and honor, paleeeeeeeeze!

Toss in inner urban concerns, like gangs, drugs, profiling, and ambivalence. Poverty and ethnic divisions are ever present as well as little opportunity. Forced to live and forced to die for ideals they do not understand or agree with. The youth of today don’t desire to live this life of contradiction. Complacency is just not in their vocabulary. And us old buzzards in general have grossly underestimated them.

Whether you like it or not Hip Hop is here to stay. If you had any sense at all you’d pay attention to what they are saying. Get off your hobby horse and don’t cast judgment on the language they use, but listen to the stories they are telling you. It’s a snapshot of reality and sometimes it’s much worse than you can imagine. Raw and vulgar? reality is raw and vulgar.

Kids are not born with a desire to be drug dealers, pimps gangsters and goons, they are placed in the situation. When drowning in the sea of despair you’ll grab the rope no matter where it came from. Great full you’re forever loyal to those who saved your life. Seems the good guys left you hanging eh. Disillusioned, mad and lost, it’s not hard to see why gangs have provided a small piece of sanctuary for our youth.

Think the one that gets me is how we as adults justify all these restrictive rules and regulations directed and our youth when we did everything we are restricting? Seems those peace love hippies who blazed on Acid and twisted a few Dobbies back in the 60’s are passing laws tossing kids in prison for years, just for a joint. I love the boneheads who outlawed “Cruise Night’s” across the country. Kids can’t gather at the park in the evening. Gads, what better place could there be? Better than in a sleazy apartment huffing gas or gold paint out of boredom. Better yet, puffing rock and watching their lives go up in smoke. Our youth is up against the wall and society put them there.

Hip Hop is an expression as well as a genre in that it describes both the good and the bad from a unique perspective. The song or ballad is performed from a vantage rarely seen or even known to exist. The underworld of street life is forever shrouded in mystery its secrets impossible to glean. Hip Hop offers a moment in time in the life of those who can already relate to the plight or circumstance sung by the performer.

As this genre evolves social issues are coming into focus. Lyricists are evolving as Hip Hop diversifies into yet other aspects of the human condition. Hip Hop has become a mechanism to send a message as well as tell stories of the realities effecting our youth. More groups are becoming civil minded in their content regardless of the language. It’s the content we should pay attention to. It’s a look into the magnifying glass. Hip Hop is the voice of a once silenced population. Hip Hop has finally come of age and now their messages are going to be heard.

Rock On……



  1. Wow – an amazing eye opener! I’m so caught up trying to make a living for my kids who are into hip-hop while I’m at the same time trying to instill the traditional and cultural belief of our people. They are hesitating at the crossroads deciding which is easier and understandable to them (hip-hop) or one that teaches them the complexity of beliefs and a language they don’t understand. Somehow we come to a shaky bridge to understand the past and live in the present. Thank you for giving me something to think about to understand my kids a lot more.

    Comment by Monet-valley — September 26, 2007 @ 11:53 am


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