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I don’t understand why some people carry around icons of many paths these days. One day I asked a person why they had so many dogmas represented in their home. They told me it was because if one did not work the other might or “just in case”. Hoooooooooolay!!!

Oh Yee of little faith, I say. If only they could have been on the journey I was on or at least speak with one of my elders. Fore if they did they would know that the Creator sent messengers to all cultures of the universe to teach of good and bad, right from wrong. All the Ka Ka about one religion being better than the other is just what I said, Ka Ka. They all point to the Creator if you read past man’s influence on these sacred teachings that is.

Yup, man and his indomitable ego have managed to twist the major dogmas of the world to fit their own political, financial needs. Since the time of Ramses and the introduction of a monotheistic religion man has begun the slow and methodical process of converting sacred teachings to fit their own political aspirations. Gads, surely you remember Constantine and ole Pope Julius and their antics. Remember when they changed all the dates of their sacred times to coincide with that of the Pagans? Remember Saturnalia, it fell on Dec 25th. Hmm, I wonder what else falls on that date now. The list goes on and on including Easter, lol. Then there are the many re-writes of sacred works to fit the needs of kings. Boy am I a heretic or what? But surely you remember how the Catholic religion spun the Christian faith, don’t you? Basically it was all about a king whose bride could not bare him a son or heir to the throne. Since there was no divorce in the faith of the day the king and his scribes simply made a new one. To bad for his bride though. The ink was not even dry in the new religion (Christianity) when her head was loped off and a new sweetie came into view. There was no alimony to worry about though, let alone child support.

The concept of any war being holly is likened to the concept that AIDS/HIV is a blessing since it kills gay people. It’s a self serving term to justify poor behavior while cloaking it in the guise of spirituality and goodness. I’ve studied many religions of the world and found that they all purport that death is something ONLY the Creator is privy to. It’s in them Ten Commandments and it goes something like this, “Thou shall not kill”. Now it does not take a Rhodes Scholar to figure that one out eh. To me it’s really cut and dried, “don’t whack anyone, period”.

Look at the history of war anyway. Economics, greed and ego have always been the impetus for war. Then some bonehead places a religious reason to justify the march to glory. We (Native American’s) were heretics and consorts of Satan since we did not believe like the conquering people of the America’s. Guess it was their Manifest Destiny to murder, rape and steal from us in the name of G*D. We had our hands, feet and eyes burned out if we did not except their religion. Was this our holly communion and baptism in our own blood?

It’s a small wonder that so many people will simply not make the cut during theses times of change we live, Native or not by the way. It’s been known for thousands of years this time in human history would come to pass. And look all around you, can’t you see the signs? All religions give you a clue if you pay attention. I know since I read many works including the Torah, the Bible its many re-writes and the many words of the Dali Lama and Buddhism. He owns property in Taos by the way and he is a regular kind of guy. He let us do a ceremony on his land years ago.

Point being, it does not really matter which dogma you choose or not. Just so long as you have absolute faith when you finally decide to pray and ask for help. Don’t second guess the Creator and try out different religions, just in case, gads. Hello Mac-Fly, what are you thinking anyway. Show respect to the one you are with and have ABSOLUTE FAITH.

I’ve been to homes where I just had to leave because of the contradictory medicine people had in them. The issue of Kachina dolls really blows my mind for most people don’t understand the medicine. It’s no my way or culture, but I was warned many years ago not to mix things within that area of spirituality from people who live it. And what business do I have playing with things I don’t understand anyway.

Religions Native or not are not to mixed and matched. They are all to be respected and their core tenets honored. Good is good and bad is bad fore there is no gray area in the true scheme of things. We are living in a world of GRAY AREA and look where it’s gotten us. It has brought us to the brink of nuclear war since now Russia has drawn the line in the sand with the US War Machine and their lusting to zap Iran. Or did anyone catch Putins grave warning to the USA? I did and this is a much bigger issue then the media wants to say. How sad that America has become the war mongering society that it is, but is it? Seems to me most Americans, white, green or purple don’t like what an absolute minority is doing. That’s what happens when you allow stockholders of the war machine to run the country though. War is money. Just check out who owns stock in Magellan, all of them at the top of the Dem/Rep parties. Just have faith fore the time of change is already here Paisan.

Magellan has holdings in Occidental Oil, health care, prescription meds, and the war industries by the way. Wolves in the hen house if you think about it. Why if the Dems controls these houses did they not stop the war eh? It’s all just good cop, bad cop the the public is just to blind to see it I guess. It’s all going to go to hell in a hand basket anyway, that’s what the visions say. And so far the visions from them old farts are coming to pass in a big way.

One more thing eh, I mentioned the gay non-issue in this story. In all reality it is none of my business what two people do inside their Ti Pi. I work with gays and straights in this industry and I could give a flying crappola what they do at home. For the most part, I am attracted to long dark hair and brown skinned babes. But I am not going to push my tastes on others. Some date blonds, some date red heads. Others date boys while others date girls and the world goes round and round.

If you take time for your own business you would not have enough time for mine…………………..

The moral of this story, “don’t mix your medicine and mind your own frigging business”

Forget about it, Bada Bing, Bada Bang, Bada Boom, Capice?

Your Devil’s Advocate
Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind

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