The Let’s Blame Japan Show

Mar 15, 2011

Buffalohair, The Let’s Blame Japan Show

The Let’s Blame Japan Show

It is embarrassing to note that people have already begun pointing an accusatory finger at the Land of the Rising Sun. At the top of the list are the investors and nuclear energy proponents who’ve rallied an effort to distance themselves from Japan’s nuclear program. Only days before the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear incident Japan’s once thriving state of the art nuclear program was the pride of nuclear energy aficionados from around the world. Japan was noted for extensive continuous training and exercises for all disasters imaginable. Japans nuclear program truly was a fine tuned machine and a technological gem. Japanese and western engineers as well as some of the top nuclear physicists in the world built these reactors not a bunch of rickshaw drivers from Taipei. No offence to rickshaw drivers.

Nothing like kicking a horse when it’s down I always say. And it’s a shame people find this time of epic human tragedy to kick sand in the face of a suffering nation. The attitude Japan “had it coming” and to cast blame on a nation as a whole is misdirected at this juncture. Though there are many legitimate issues with various industries from Japan these issues have nothing to do with the Japanese people. The world blames Americas for a host of crimes but its individual politicians who are actually guilty of these acts against nations and humanity. They use their political position for personal gain while supplanting the needs of the people with more lucrative agendas. It is not the people of Japan that many legitimate issues are raised but corporations who hide behind the flag of this nation. Their level of corruption is a reflection of ours, so in essence the Japanese citizens are victims much like us.

No matter how big man’s ego can be nature will always have the final say. Some nuclear physicists have declared US nuclear power plants as invincible or earthquake proof. It’s more than obvious that federal funding and lucrativity are the impetus of such grandiose statement. On a sidebar there is nothing sprits like better than a challenge. “G*d himself could not sink this ship”, referring to the “unsinkable” Titanic. That was a clear case of arrogance in the face of nature. Now an army of pocket protectors are running their mouths about how much better American nuclear stations are. Within my tradition that is a major red flag and there is no question US reactors will be put to the test as disasters ripple across the planet and America. The reality is, we are not immune to earth changes either and it would be wiser to learn from each new catastrophic event rather than sight blame or fault. Some tribes call this era “The Humbling Times” since it is universally known this era will humble humanity to their knees. Man will soon realize how vulnerable they truly are against the forces of nature and the intangible.

Japan is more a grave warning to the industrialized world as to how frail this existence really is. Even with all the preparations and care for detail Japan was not prepared for an epic earthquake of biblical proportions. In fact there is no technology man or their little green men could muster that could withstand the forces of nature that are converging on civilization. When I look into the faces of the survivors in Japan I see human beings who survived an apocalypse. By the time the Tsunami reached inland the raging torrent was a mountain of debris including cars, trucks and buildings from the communities downstream. The swath of destruction eliminated all signs of mans existence and altered landscapes in the process. Coastal regions throughout Japan were decimated as whole villages were swept out to sea. After the earthquake the tsunami came quickly and with ferocity of unprecedented proportions making the tragic loss of life unavoidable even in the most favorable of conditions for evacuation.

Japan is far from a third world country and the epic drama that is unfolding before our eyes is a grave reminder of our frailties and the true limits to our technological prowess. This is not the first calamity mankind faced during the time of change and it’s surely not the last by any stretch of the imagination. So we had better be a little more vigilant as to whom we throw sticks at because someday the shoe just might be on the other foot. But if you don’t get it by now maybe the next cataclysm will spark your attention. It’s only a matter of time before all of humanity comes to realize the reality and the totality of the era we live. Though there was a tragic and unavoidable loss of life untold millions were saved as well. With possibly 500,000 survivors now homeless and counting this raises even more logistical concerns but that saga has only just begun and we would be wise to pay attention.

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