Ann Coulter and Nuclear Pundits Spread Nuclear Misinformation

Ann Coulter made an outrageous statement that radiation was good for your health in a rambling example of corporate double speak on the Bill O’Reily Show. It is clear she is a mouthpiece for the nuclear industry and the investors who are on damage control over the “Japan Incident” at Fukushima. Other pro nuke pundits have scrambled to alter the reality of the second worst nuclear disaster in world history. The airwaves are filling with half truths and bold faced lies about the safety of nuclear energy. It is shocking to hear so-called scientists proclaim that small doses of radiation are A-OK to ingest. Nothing could be further from the truth and their sugarcoating of this catastrophe is unconscionable. It is also obvious nuclear scientists who are on the dole are desperate to save their jobs/funding and will resort to misinformation to accomplish their goals. After all, it’s all about the money with no regard for the human consequences. Guess you can’t blame them since that would negatively affect their portfolio.

Some nuclear proponents have even gotten red faced trying to cover up the extent of radioactive contamination that continues to flow out the stricken nuclear power plant. The Japanese government as well as nuclear boneheads in the US lied about the extent of the incident since day one. Now that the facts of the disaster is coming to the surface they are looking more like the liars they really are and this should be a red flag for other issues they support. Ann’s statement even got Bill O’Reily’s dander up with her bold proclamation about the healthful effects to exposure to radiation. So I provided a link for your viewing pleasure and entertainment since it is really quite funny in a dark way.

Not much is being said about the millions of gallons of seawater that is spewing out of the reactors and back to sea from attempts to cool off the reactors. Guess radiation is ACTUALLY good for fish to eat as well. When  Japan recovers the fishing industry will also take a major hit. Maybe Ann can do a commercial for the fishing industry and explain the advantages of eating nuclear fish with a few extra eyes, flippers and a few open sores, YUM. Contamination has spread throughout the region poisoning food stuffs, water tables, and the earth. What the earthquake and tsunami did not destroy the nuclear disaster finished off by blanketing the region with a host of radioactive materials. Some contamination will dissipate in days or weeks while other radioactive material will last for centuries. We already live in a post nuclear war environment with drastically increased levels of radiation. Chernobyl radiation circles the globe to this day and there is no doubt that many new cancers and diseases are a direct effect from ingesting alpha and beta particles. Adding more radiation even in small increments only adds to the intensity of existing ambient radiation. Radiation is cumulative and before we know it, each little nuclear event will eventually raise levels of radiation to the point we will need to wear space suites just to go to the 7-11 for a soda and a bottle of spearmint flavored potassium iodine.

Ironically the earthquake and the ensuing tsunami, though tragic, were very recoverable but it is the nuclear disaster that will alter the course of Japan’s destiny. But in all reality Japan will not be alone in coping with disasters since this is the time of change and I guess you can call this yet another coincidence. Technology will ultimately be mankind’s Achilles tendon. With more “coincidental” disasters popping up around the world there is no doubt we will see more nuclear disasters that are spurred on by natural events. It’s time to pay attention boys and girls. You had better have your own survival plan in order since there is no nation in the world that can cope with the growing numbers of victims that already stress emergency and recovery efforts to the max. Japan is a classic example of what the rest of the world will soon face in a time of catastrophe. If and when there are multiple disasters in different continents simultaneously there will not be flotillas of rescuers from around the world since they will be to busy at home. You have to plan in earnest how you would survive for days or weeks after a disaster strikes your region because it’s only a matter of time.

Now the only question is,  where will all the nuclear waste from this disaster be dumped at?

Like picking corn out of cow dung and pretending it’s OK to eat, Ann Coulter Doublespeak’s for the Nuclear Industry:

Your Devil’s Advocate


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