FOR PRESIDENT, Sat Oct 27, 2007

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After listening to all the candidates thus far, sadly there is no one who I would vote for. Remember that snitchy little tattle tail that was always whining about something and always pointing fingers at everyone else in the class when things did not go right? Well, that’s all we have as a selection, whiney and snively babies who can’t stand on their own merits and accomplishments. Whaa this guy, whaa that guy, always bitching about someone else. Nanie nanie nanie, I’m going to tell.

Barf bag politics is all we have anymore. Why would we want to have someone who is always looking for excuses for their own poor behavior and trying to find fault in others? Surely these attributes are a negative when selecting a world leader. With this kind of attitude it’s a sure bet they will get us into trouble. ie Iraq.

Did we learn our lesson yet? I doubt it since everyone seems to be ignoring this and not paying attention to the obvious. Poor behavior is not a good example for the nation to follow. And boy we sure can pick’em eh.

Well, it’s no sweat off my brow since I don’t give a damn anymore. At 54, I’ve seen and heard it all several times over. And if you can’t see it, it’s to bad for you and it’s to bad for America.

Just what American needs? We will end up with another finger pointing sniveling cry baby who allows themselves to be bought by lobbyists and intimidated by Industry. Makes you wonder who really is controlling the country fore it surely will not any of these dolts no matter who wins. Maybe it’s them guys behind all this New World Odor scam. Just stinks eh.

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GMO Foods, Where is the Taste?

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After reading reams of material about GMO foods from both sides I believe I do have a handle on the GMO controversy. In a way both sides cancel each other out with claims and counters claim but there is one overriding fact that swayed me to join the anti-GMO camp, the food has no taste. The food tastes dead and does not have that rich savory flavor food used to have. GMO food looks real pretty and in the superficial world we live I guess looks are all that matters after all. But for me, GMO foods of any kind are an anemic and tasteless alternative to real food and it makes me wonder if it actually has nutritional value.

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