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Hopefully everyone heard about the engineer who worked at Boeing for 47 years (Vince Weldon) and had issues with the new plastic plane the 787 Dreamliner. I think Dan Rather did an interview on TV last month about it. Well I did a load of research on this as well. Granted it was only information available since I doubt Boeing would have given this Injun access to their files anyway.

But from what I gathered it all boils down to this. An engineer who has been building airplanes for Boeing for about 47 years did not like the way the Feds were testing this new composite airplane. He thought it needed a much more stringent form of testing since this was a composite aircraft and not one made of metal. His primary concern was the crash worthiness of this composite plane. Toxicity, fire hazard and survivability were the key factors since plastic burns and shatters on impact.

Fighter planes are composite these days but they have ejection seats and parachutes. I also have a hard time believing the FAA since they are rubbing elbows with Boeing, a major military contractor. The both of them don’t want any outside inspections or tests done. That is a major red flag eh. Why plastic? Well it’s really quite simple. The lighter the plane the more passengers they can squeeze into each flight thus making it more profitable for the airline. It’s all about the money Paisan.

Also, Weldon a 47 year employee was near retirement and by firing him they also avoided paying his pension. So why would someone with so much to loose be a whistle blower and loose his retirement? Maybe because he knows something others chose to ignore. But chances are this story will go by the wayside and these planes will hit the skies. But someday one of these super planes will drop out of the sky and when the plastic melts all over the survivors and toxic acrid smoke fills their lungs maybe someone will listen. That’s if the plane does not shatter into a bazillion pieces. It would be a bummer if the plane caught fire in the air though since it would have an ignition point of 450 degrees as compared to conventional aircraft with an ignition point of 1,000 degrees. But just think of all the passengers it will carry.

LOL, its bad enough that planes are liken to Winnebago’s when they crash as it is. If you ever saw a motor home go up in flames or crash there is nothing left other than the metal frame in either scenario.

If it falls out of the sky at 30,000 feet we would all be road pizza anyway, metal or no metal.

But what the hell do I care about some stupid airplane anyway?

Never mind

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