PRIORITIES or the lack there of.

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2007 12:33 pm    Post subject:
PRIORITIES or the lack there of.As the government struggles to save face as the dollar falls to all time lows the realities of what is the priority in this land of the free comes to light. Plans are on the table to save mortgage pressed consumers, credit card holders and other people who’ve overspent in this bogus economy but not for their sake. Industry is in application for corporate welfare and tax perks. The government backed oil companies are gleaning record breaking profits never before seen while further crippling an already devastated economy. This is an act of treason since these oil companies do not have the best interest of the country in mind, just their wallets.

The talking heads appointed by the president [Bush ](the worst in US history) are fabricating figures to paint a picture of growth as well as falling unemployment figures. Sadly they do not include the rising rolls of welfare and food stamp recipients that seem to match the falling numbers in unemployment figures. They also fail to mention that people on unemployment can only receive this insurance for a limited about of time making them have to find another source of help. Sure the unemployment figures are down but it’s not because they found work. They simply were booted and forced on the rolls of welfare.

To avoid the high cost of retirement and incentives, the holy grail of lifelong service and dedication to an employer, as well as the cost of being responsible to the environment industry simple moved to a third world country. Ironically, these countries are exempt from any environmental laws, to the joy of Wall Street and those who are at the top of this elaborate pyramid scheme called the stock market. And once proud people are forced to find meager employment while loosing everything they had just to make ends meet. The only real winners are banks, mortgage companies and other shy larks who loaned out the dough-ray-me to unwitting citizens with the blessings from Uncle Sam. Lenders win since they get to repossess property, cars and other assets from the beguiled strapped masses. When it’s all said and done only a select few, most likely the 4% who control 80% of the wealth of this nation, will own everything while the rest of the public struggles to survive and find a place in line at the soup kitchens that will soon fill the landscape, hopefully.

With all this concern about profits and the welfare of investors and stock holders why didn’t our elected officials offer some focus on the healthcare disaster and try to ease the pain of those who have little to no health care and are cash strapped with high medical bills? Why were the insurance companies allowed to dictate what was appropriate medicine with no knowledge other than costs? How come the government allowed extortion to be the norm rather than the exception when it came to insurance in general?

It’s all about the money Paisan, it’s all about the money, Capice?

From a Native perspective this culture has gone full circle and now the rest of the population gets to enjoy what it is really like being Native in this land of the free. Now John Q. Citizen gets to taste the bitter fruits of ambivalence and greed. Now Americans of all races will have a clear view of our reality since now, they are a conquered people as well. And like us, they did not see it coming.

I can see it now, Americans along the Canadian border selling gum and Slim Fast to the hordes of Canadians who come to get their car reupholstered and buy cheap goods. What will they call US Citizens who sneak into Canada to find game full employment and earn real money, Dirtbacks, Bushbacks, or even Cheneybacks? You reap what you sow as they always say.

Bada Bing Bada Bang Bada Boom, it’s as simple as that.

Maybe an enterprising Native should write a book called, “Surviving Capitalism” It can explain some of the techniques we’ve used since the time of conquest just to survive. It can also show through diagrams the many uses of trash bags, duct tape and a wire cloths hanger. The book can show how we survive even though we have been placed in prisons across the country called reservations. They can learn new terms like MELD Scores, Diabetes, PTSD’s, Depression, Sorrow, Misery and Grief. What comes around goes around.

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