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For those who read my clip on the meteorite that fell from the sky yesterday in Peru. How many of you heard about it in the mainstream media? How many of you even heard about it at all other than here? I’ll bet no one heard a peep from the media. I saw a small ticker tape news blurb along the bottom as other news items took center stage with the talking heads on the screen.

The item about global warming though true was beyond stupid as scientists made light of what is actually a catastrophic event in the making.

But the dire situation in Peru has the makings of a true science fiction. “Death From Space” would be the title if ever there was a flick to be made. Sadly it would not be science fiction since it actually happened.

Personally, I hope it was a satellite that dropped from the sky because this would only be a man made disaster. The contaminants in question would be Plutonium and the hazardous materials on board the satellite. Though it would be a very serious situation, it’s survivable and solutions would not be hard to find once the government decided not to lie to the public about it. It would be a very workable situation indeed.

But what if it was actually a meteorite and not a satellite? Then we might be at the ebbing tide of the end of humanity as a strange living organism began to kill all life forms on this planet. Truly this would be death from space and I doubt “modern science” would be able to find a cure in time to save humanity. Imagine a new and deadly disease that was stewed in the cauldrons of space that simply ate the tissue of living organisms. Maybe this would actually be what killed the dinosaurs and not the cataclysm that buried the giant lizards sixty million years ago.

Wow, what a thought eh. Disease killing the dinosaurs off and Mother Earth buried their rotting disease filled corpses in one fall swoop. Then here comes man with drill rigs to pump the vial solution that was formed by the fetid corpses buried deep within the Earths crust.

Then the poison gases emitted from this vial solution poisoned the air we breathe, also causing global warming and finally the end of civilization. It will have come full circle and ultimately destroyed all life forms on Earth, again.

Gads, I really have to stop drinking Kona so early in the morning. In any event, give it a thought since yesterdays events were more than just an active imagination. They really did happen and the mainstream media chose to ignore it as usual. Makes me wonder how many other news items never make the press. Remember Duck Valley?

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