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Recently I read in a trade journal that oil companies enjoyed record breaking profits like they never seen before. And when asked about this and exec said it was a matter of what the market will bare. In another Oil journal it was mentioned that Oil execs thought $3 a gallon was plenty good and looked forward to $100 a barrel. Well now we are almost a $100 a barrel and everyone is surprised. To bad so sad, you should have paid attention fore it was in black and white. This was intended and it was all about the money.

But if everything was as bad as Oil Officials said it was, then how could they have gleaned record breaking profits quarter after quarter? Is that not a red flag of some kind? It’s all about greed and corruption and it’s directly under your schnozola. But if you can’t see it, you deserve what you get fore you let it happen. Simple as that eh.

Before Bush came into office we never had such a weather and war influenced market with direct effects on fuel prices before. I lived through many natural disasters and stupid wars without all this speculation and price increase before. So why now?? We let it happen; just like a recent Executive Order giving Bush unbridled power to do as he see’s fit. Don’t mean nothing to me since I already live as a conquered people. And for the most part, if the stock market dropped to 0 I would still be here and not affected since I have no personal attachment for “stuff”.

What are American’s thinking anyway? Gawd, recently there was a debate (CSPAN) as to what kind of torture was expectable to do with prisoners. I could not believe the dialogue as our elected officials argued about the use of simulated drowning and the like as if it was second nature. Opps, excuse me, I guess it is. Just ask my relations the descendants of Sand Creek and the Washita Massacres or the descendants of Wounded Knee. But it must be the sign of the times eh.

Fact is, when fuel is priced out of site most of my people will still be walking, as usual. We will still be broke and making do. But in other parts of the country it will be raining people as folks leap to their deaths over material things. Just remember what the old timers told me, “A rich man will die in his sleep of starvation while using a sack of pinto beans as a pillow”

And while this is all going on, there will be a select group of people counting their chips like they did on Black Tuesday. Not everyone was a looser back then. The lost money went somewhere you know. It did not just disappear. There were BIG winners on that dark day when the nation was bankrupt. They still are here waiting to gather the rest of the assets of this nation. Gads, just sit and think about it, for a change.

With a society that enjoys watching people get arrested, watch as people betray one another or simply suffering in all these Reality Shows. It’s probably best Ma Earth Cleans the slate so we can start over again. And maybe, just maybe we will get it right next time.

But like anything else, greeds day in the sun will soon be over. And these piles of green paper will simply be that, green paper that does not burn well. This is the time of change and it behoves a person to seek out their true spirituality, not the convenient ones that allow for poor behavior. The simple one where you make a covenant with the Creator and walk as best you can. So simple yet so hard for most it seems.

I’m far from a goodie two shoes and nowhere near perfect. But I’m trying to walk that Red Road. And believe me, it’s the hardest journey I ever encountered.

One more thing, this time of change is not just a Native thing, it’s a human thing. There are many paths to the Creator and no one path is better than another. Only man and his ego made the determination just to control the masses. And there is no such thing as a “Holy War” fore that is a contradiction in every sense of the word.

Your Devil’s Advocate
Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind

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