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Just read a news clip where the World Health Organization found that depression was the leader in debilitating diseases world wide. This was from a study they did using a Quality-of-life index or Global Mean Health Score. With a scale ranging from 1 to 100, diabetes scored 78.9, other chronic non lethal diseases scored an average of about 80 and non chronic diseases scored 90.6 over shadowing depression which scored a dismal 72.9. In short the quality of life from people depression was the lowest according to their findings.

And I quote;

“Our findings are consistent with earlier studies that have shown a high degree of association between depression and disability,” commented lead author Saba Moussavi of the WHO and colleagues.

A British journal called “The Lancet” where this study was posted, says that depression accounts for the greatest share of non-fatal disease burden, accounting for almost 12 percent of total years lived with disability worldwide.

What’s my take on all this? Well I wonder exactly how many of the sufferers of depression worldwide are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. After all world history is much like Native history but on a grander scale since so many people have died or simply killed for land, oil and religion. Hmmm sounds familiar eh. What did all these people die for? What crimes did they commit that justified the wholesale murder of cultures around the world anyway? It’s all about the money Paisan, yup it’s all about the money. Course it takes on many faces such as natural resources like wood, oil, diamonds and of course gold.

Reminds me of the movie “War of the Worlds” where these space dudes come to Earth just to consume all the natural resources with no regard to the human population. At least the space aliens were honest and did not use the bogus flag of religion, world peace or “Homeland Security” as a guise to garner their ill-gotten bounty. They just started zapping Earthlings left and right. So it was easy for us Earth guys to figure out who the bad guy was. Today where the wolves are wearing sheep’s clothing, the enemy is hard to find.
It’s my hunch these culprits are not that hard to find though. Just look at the people who are pushing for this ‘New World Odor” crappola and I’ll bet you will discover the goons at the top of this elaborate Ponzi Scheme. And like I was taught a long time ago on the streets, “Just follow the money” and you will discover that this is a world wide conspiracy. And the victims of this lusting for material wealth are all the Indigenous people of the world. With this history in mind Post Traumatic Stress Disorder may very well be the core of depression world wide. You can bank on it, just read your history before these books are burned in an orgy of hate like they were back in Nazi Germany.

This old Sicilian/Jew I worked for told me many years ago that you can only trust history for about 500 years since the older history has been re-written to coincide with the current contemporary wisdom. Just cause it’s written down does not mean it’s true. And if you tell a lie long enough people will begin to believe it’s true. Just ask Herman Goering or Adolph Hitler since they won over a nation with their lies about Zionism to justify the murder of a race of people. And book burning was the norm back then also.

Seems Cortez did his share of book burning back in ole Mexico when they torched up hundreds of libraries the Aztecs had only saving a few of their works. What were they afraid of? What did the conquers discover that required them to destroy millions of books and the true history of these people? Granted they took everything out of context with the hand full of books to justify the wholesale murder of the Aztec people. And yes, it was all about the money back then as well. Gold, Gold, Gold, Capice Paisan?

When Cortez finally left Mexico, he and his band of thugs killed every elder of the Aztec Nation and kept the kids for slaves. Small wonder many of the Natives from Mexico live in denial of their Native roots eh. The Catholic Church tortured them to death if they did not except Catholicism. Burning eyes out, loping feet and hands off as well was a common practice with all these dogma’s back in the day eh. What am I saying? It’s still going on to this day as America kills for oil in a thinly veiled “Holy War” as we kill for cash. PTSD will be the front runner for all the Iraqi People I do believe.

Dare I mention the murdering that is going on in Africa with little to no media attention? Guess there is no oil there so what the hell.

Guess that’s why us Natives stick to our oral histories since you can’t believe everything you read.

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