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So today is Labor Day. As I reflect on the days prior to this day of labor. I can’t help but remember a little girl named Annie Frank. It was on September 2, 1944 her and her family boarded the last train out of the Westerbork concentration camp bound for Auschwitz. Ultimately this would be her final journey since her and her family was exterminated solely for not being a member of the “Master Race”. The spark of life was extinguished from this once bright eyed little girl and all that remained of her time on Earth was her diary.

Sadly history has a way of repeating itself time and time again has man and his lusting for power and material consequence forge a trail of death and destruction across the pages of history. Whether it’s in the name of their respective G*D’s or for the sake of world peace and of course oil. The indigenous people from all quarters of the world have been under siege since time immemorial. In more cases than not whole cultures have been obliterated across Europe just because they did not pray to the same G*D.

The Jew was not Lutheran and the Zionist Devil responsible for all of Der Deutschland’s economical woes. Hence they had to be destroyed like diseased cattle and summarily dumped in mass graves or simply roasted alive in the kitchens of hate. Of course their cloths, hair and even their teeth were recycled. In some cases an innovative Nazi made lamp shades with the skin of tattooed Jews in an expression Nazi art deco style.

And now we are faced with yet another Sudetenland in a nation called Iran. Natives from south of the boarder have been marked for hatred as the government points an accusing finger on them for the economical woes of this nation. Are we that blind to the totality of our actions in this modern society? Laws are being passed that side step the Constitution and the Bill of Rights yet people seem ambivalent to the demise of the very civil liberties they so enjoy.

Maybe when the trains begin to roll to destinations like “The Mohave Detention Center” or “The Detroit Complex” will people realize the error of their indifferent ways. But by then, it will be too late, and America will be no more. Blinded by a bogus economy, people scramble to see what the DOW is doing. They count their pennies as the stocks glean a profit. But the bottom line is, profits come at a cost and the price is the American workers who were laid off since the corporation moved to a country with no restrictions on environmental or labor, all for the bottom line.

Annie Frank was a victim of this mad frenzy of hatred as Germany pointed an accusing finger at the Jew for all the economic ills of that day. They became the subject of ridicule, assaults and finally wholesale murder at the hands of the non Jew. From 1933 till the end of the war there was a systematic process that stripped the Jew of all their worldly possessions, businesses and occupations such as educators, doctors, lawyers and the like. So in all actuality the non Jew shot themselves in the foot as they murdered all those brilliant minds. Albert Einstein would not have lived if he stayed in Germany back in the days of the Brown Shirts back in Horst Wessels day. Theory of Relativity? Forget about it. And it was all about the money………….Capice?

Like Martin Luther King once said, “Remember that everything Hitler did was legal”.

From the mouth of Benito Mussolini, “Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power”.

Funny thing about history it always seems to come back full circle. You know that Injun thing we always talk about, cycles, blab, blab, blab. Anyway, while you’re cooking your weenies and beaming up your burgers toss in a prayer for a little girl who was most likely burned alive in one of Auschwitz’s giant ovens, to save time of course. And maybe while you are at it, make a prayer for the many millions of people who were murdered in the name of G*D, their land and possessions stripped from them then tossed into mass graves. Remember Wounded Knee, Sand Creek or the Washita?

Oh and by the way. On September 3, 1929, the stock market reached an all time high, (381.17) to the joy of share holders across the country. But on October 24th or better know as Black Tuesday the NYSE took a hit and the skyscrapers of the day rained bankrupt investors. Have a nice day.

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