Carlos visits Duck Valley! And stays with Si’s parents
August 31, 2007 4:30 PM

Young Bear  Si from Duck Valley

Fri Aug 31, 2007 9:59 am    Post subject:



As I traveled south I stopped by the Duck Valley Indian Reservation. Oh you remember the place that help forgot. Fact is, after talking with a few elders there, I was informed the Feds never came through; especially this so called “Homeland Security Agency”. It was all done by grass roots efforts and when the other Native Nations got wind of the disaster, help poured in. At one location alone, their food cooperative received over two and a half semi loads of food.


Yea got to love the timing though. I received an urgent message for help from a girl  Paz   on the rez on Sunday and began sending out stories as I received news and information. On Monday, the Tribe declared a state of emergency. By then the story was already on its way around the world.


It is incomprehensible to me that a community with at risk seniors on meds, dialysis and other electronic devices as well as infants were of no concern to the officials from Homeland Security. Wonder if any of them boneheads are descendants of Custer or Chivington? What do you expect; after all we are a conquered people and I guess we are destined to live in third world conditions till the Earth Changes re sets the clock. Guess you need bodies bloating on the streets or OIL before you can get their attention. Since the rez is so isolated, approximately 100 miles in either direction before reaching civilization, maybe Big Brother thought no one would hear about it and another pesky Native Nation simply would disappeared.


I was told of a story about an elderly man who gave all his food to the children in his neighborhood so they would not go hungry. Common folks band together along with church groups to bring in what supplies they could. Fuel was always a concern since it was a 200 mile round trip. And when the generators finally arrived the cost of fuel was astronomical at best. I traveled on both roads; one from the north and one from the south and its total isolation and the terrain is bleak and foreboding in many areas. Fact is the rez is located in an Oasis of sorts and surrounded by volcanic rocks and pinnacles.


Thankfully, there were no deaths and life has gone back to normal for the most part. But the scars from ambivalence still tell a compelling story. The scars from ambivalence are worn by all us Indigenous Dudes and Dudettes anyway, comes with the turf. If yea wanna play Injun, yea have to learn how to except being ignored and forgotten. And of course we can’t forget Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Just listen to our oral histories, I mean the real and stark ones the old timers tell us in private. Does not matter which tribe since they all tell tales of betrayal, broken promises, murder and rape.


The list of social ills goes on and on and never seems to get addressed by our stewards, the U.S. Government. I liken our condition to that of an inmate in a correctional institution trying to get compassion from a prison guard. All we get is solitary confinement in return for our efforts. Many of my people refer to our reservations as a fenceless prison camp but without three squares meals a day and decent living conditions. Just so you know, in many places I’ve traveled over the years we don’t drink the tap water. Good thing to, I bet the contaminants would alter my DNA anyway. Gads, don’t get me started eh. I remember when sewage water was “accidentally” piped into our drinking supply. And it happened to several other reservations both in the US and Canada, all around the same time frame, “accidentally” of course. What a coincidence, hmmmm. Why do I hear Gary Owen playing in the back ground?


Yup, The Native Telegraph is alive and well and I’m just one of the operators.


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