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I’m not even going to debate if the Earth Changes are real or when it will get here fore it has already begun. “Like the thieves in the night”, the changes have already taken its toll on humanity. “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”, well dayum dudes and dudettes that’s the elements of the four directions, Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. Surely one does not need to go to seminary school to figure that one out eh. And like the preverbal snowball rolling down a slope, it is gaining momentum and strength daily as the changes become more and more apparent to all of mankind. If you don’t see it now, oh you will shortly. I can feel Mother Earth grown with disgust as man and his greed blanket the Earth with this gray pall of gloom and greed. And the ole gal is not a happy camper.

I get a kick out of the “bomb shelter boyz” as they prepare for Armageddon and the battle between good and bad. They have their guns, stores of water, food and these spiffy army like cars with camo zipping around all over the place chatting on their walkie talkies. They are ready for war. Hmmm, maybe they will kill themselves off. But like my elders tell me, the wars that break out will be over material things and these are not our battles. If you did not notice, the real war has already begun. That is the war between good and evil within the confines of the spirit world.

Take a good hard look around you. The family has taken a direct hit amidships and has been taking water for quite some time now. Many more of us than not are the survivors floundering in this turbulent angry sea of life. Though we may have material wealth, we truly have nothing but “stuff”. Yea can’t take with you, not even that sack of meat called a body. We are spirits anyway.

There is nothing wrong with “stuff”, just where mankind has placed it within their hearts. The bottom line has come to be the ultimate decision maker in all facets of life. Insurance companies determine what is “best” for a patient rather than the advice of a medically trained doctor. Rather than being concerned with the persons well being and quality of life, the insurance companies determine the fate of a person by what is more cost efficient. How special.

The blood of our young is being sacrificed for “stuff” and the vanity of a truly mad man who is obsessed with revenge for his father’s failure to get “stuff” in the first Gulf War. Since the public is getting more and more fed up with this bogus axiom of making nations “free”, oil companies have taken the high road of extortion and blackmailed a nation with high fuel prices. But not to worry since one day soon money will be worthless. Those army like camo cars will not run and walkie talkies will not work either. In desperation these “prepared people” will most likely whack anyone they see to, yes you guest it, take their “stuff”. I will sit in the woods with my pemmican munching away watching the fireworks. Why? It’s not my war and it’s not yours either. It’s already known from stories immemorial, from camp fire to camp fire that there will be few survivors. And not all will die from disasters, but from the hand of man as well. There is a saying I will share with you, “The greedy man will die of starvation in his sleep while using a sack of pinto beans as a pillow”

“So gosh Uncle Wally, how are we going to survive these tumultuous times in the future?”

It’s quite simply really. We have to prepare within our hearts. We need to try in earnest to alter the course of our own destinies and not worry so much about the Jones. We need to learn how to become human beings again. If we truly want to survive, we will need each other to pull it off fore we will never survive alone. We’ll have to learn how to care for our fellow man. When it is all said and done, we will scan the landscape for others. We will find people of all colors who have made it through the changes. And we will become as one as we become family once again and forge a new tomorrow. Like they old ones say, “The old will blend with the new and we will go forward as a new people”

Personally, I call this time of change, “The Humbling Times” fore we have to be humble if we plan to survive or we will truly perish from the face of the Earth.

Remember that adage, “The meek shall inherit the Earth”. Has a ring to it eh.

And I’ll be sitting on a rock watching Armageddon while munching on some pemmican. Then I will return to my village and tell my people what I saw in the Valley of Greed.

Hu Ho!

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