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After receiving mail from various government officials from agencies not related to Disaster Emergencies. It is heartening to know that people from all quarters have taken a humanitarian interest in the good people of the PaiuteNation. Interestingly enough, the media has finally come to the rescue and are now showing concern. My question is, WHERE WERE THEY LAST WEEK?? Better late then never they say, but at what cost?

It boggles the imagination to think them good ole boys at Homeland Security need a death count before they will respond. What’s more important, filing the proper paper work in triplicate or coming to the aid of people before they begin to suffer and die? Then add the insurance consortium and their desire to keep tabs on the bottom line and to make sure people are dying or suffering losses. The process of establishing need before they squeeze out the all mighty dollar is all to apparent to the people who suffer in light of disasters.


I knew many people who never recovered from Hurricane Andrew and are still waiting for their do. The horrific stories of ambivalence from state and federal agencies would raise the hair on the back of your neck it the truth were told. Living in tornado alley has shed light on this situation for me since I know people who simply lost everything they had, never to recover since they got lost in the shuffle with FEMA. I met a homeless person in LA who was still shell shocked from Katrina. He was obviously lost and had no direction to travel. So he went to the land of fruits and nutz in an effort to avoid another hurricane or tornado.


When you realize the thousands of brand new trailers that simply rotted away after Katrina, never to be distributed, you wonder why when so many people became homeless. Millions of tax payer’s dollars went into the dumpster with no accountability. No one seems to really care it seems even though it’s our hard earned then swindled tax dollars that when up in smoke. Are we being served? Yup, we are being served a bill of goods. And when we ask, all we get are 1-800 numbers to nowhere since all we get is ignored, I mean put on hold.


The Earth Changes are very real and soon everyone will feel the wrath of Ma Earth’s season as she cleanses herself of all that causes her discomfort. Eventually the money machine will not be able to glean a profit such as the Red Cross. The tax laws should not allow for such extravagance in spending from non profit groups. When pennies of that donated dollar are only required to assist the needy that leave the lion’s share of the bounty to go for Lamb Skin furniture, Italian Marble wall coverings and the Targa parked in the parking garage of this lavish building that is supposed to represent this so called non profit organization. In reality, Non-Profit actually means easy money for those who wait for the next disaster to strike. They make money on the bones of the needy. Not all non-profit organizations are corrupt, but I believe they need to be held accountable for every dine they spend. AND the lion’s share of the donated money should go to the actual cause in assisting the needy, not 12 0r 18 cents of the donated dollar. I could not have thought up a better racket when I was a Wiseguy….Capice?


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