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With Dow Jones on the auction block one has to wonder how a major indicator of the economy can be bought and sold. Good thing industrialists are credible and honest. It would be sad to think someone could possibly fudge the stock market reports to fool the public into thinking all is well. As we all know, industrialists from all these major corporations would never lie to the public or their stock holders.

I already have a hard time with the employment figures that are given. Sadly no one includes the figures from Social Services. If they did, they would notice a steady increase in recipients of Welfare and Food Stamps. When unemployment insurance runs out people don’t instantly find jobs here in America. People simply go to another agency to collect benefits to feed their families. And, of course, these figures are never placed in the same light as the unemployment figures. So even this is manipulated as a smoke screen to make nice the notion “All is well” in the American economy.

Our major corporations have long since moved their industries to countries that don’t have any regulations and have cheap labor. All the while, the stock market goes up as costs are cut for the “BOTTOM LINE”. But the sad part of this rising stock market is the human element. In order for the stocks to go up, industry leans on the labor force to cut costs. Funny how the American working class is so dispensable. Like the Late Richard Pryor once said. “There is on justice, JUST US!”

Living in a war based economy has it’s drawbacks as well. We need war; even if it’s a bazillion little wars in third world countries. Why? So we can feed the military industrial complex. That’s this imaginary consortium of military manufacturers that profit strictly from selling death toys worldwide. They just could not let go all the money they made during WWII. Fact is, the country could not cut loose the War Tax. We pay dearly and eventually the pendulum will swing the other direction. Funny how this plays into the “Time of Change” though.

Ask an elder and they will tell you that one of the major events during the change is when money becomes worthless. And one of these days it will be used to start fires. It was said in one of my visions, “The Greedy will starve to death in their sleep while using a sack of pinto beans as a pillow” Metaphor or vision, this was a powerful statement.

And there sits our Mad King George “My urine is blue” Bush and his swine of a henchman Dick “The Prick” Cheney. They are lining their pockets with blood money as our kids die for the dollar in a bogus war.

But hey, the Dow Jones Industrial average has made headway topping 14,000 and lined pockets with the same tainted money. So all is well.

But what the heck do I know. I’m just some Injun street kid. And frankly, all this doom and gloom means nothing to my since I’m already a conquered person. I’m just watching a rerun eh.

Have a nice day!

Your Devil’s Advocate
Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind

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