Time of Change Repartee’

Buffalohair, Time of Change Repartee’

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Time of Change Repartee’

From all indicators everything is moving along as prophesized and change is evident on all plains of existence. If you are not paying attention or don’t buy into any of this; eventually change will be ‘in your face’ and impossible to ignore and make excuses for any longer. For the ‘sensitive or gifted’ people of the earth this time already has become a paranormal extravaganza extraordinaire and a potpourri of supernatural shenanigans and hi-jinks. Some people are OK with the increased activity from spirit and space dudes while others spill their milk in horror at the mere mention of it. Then there are folks who simply don’t buy into any of it for a host of legitimate and viable reasons and that is cool to.


The signs of warning and of the era we live are everywhere to behold and consistent with sacred teachings from dogmas and ideological principle around the globe. It does not take a Rhodes Scholar or doctorate in theology to establish true spirituality and a direct link to the Creator either. Just walk your talk within your tradition, dogma or ideological principle and you will have all the tools you need to survive this time of change. Hopefully you would also gain a practical understanding of the so-called supernatural and get over it. It does not matter what plain any spirit comes from, they are either good or yokels from evil. Spirits are spirits whether they come from the spirit-world, Andromeda or Exeter England. They’re either cool or not, plain and simple.


Just remember; the spirit-world and spirits or demons mentioned in sacred stories did not just up and go away. They are very much alive causing crappola just like in those old sacred stories. It’s not just bad spirits of biblical flare but bad spirits from all dogmas of the universe that are flatulating in the elevator of life. There are bad spirits floating around all over the place interfacing with our plain of existence and they are doing a bang up job of it to. By the same token, good spirits are also out there ready to interface with us provided you know how to recognize the good ones from the bad. This is when you should consult your dogma or ideological principle because it tells you how to differentiate between the two within your tradition. In my tradition I place bad spirits in the same category as a hemorrhoid since they are both such a pain in the ass. Fear is the last thing I show them and I don’t kiss ass. And it’s an on going battle these days, holay.


People who don’t have a clue how to act with spirits, spooks or alien dudes when they come calling are toast and prone to whacking their kids, friends and the ice cream guy because a ‘voice’ or some stellar dork told them to do so. People really need to pay attention to their sacred works or ideological principle since all the answers dealing with the paranormal and spirit stuff is written for all to see. As humanity races to the end of this celestial cycle the paranormal interface will increase a thousand fold and the daily news will get more bazaar as people go off the deep end. The spirit-war has begun to spill onto our plain of existence and it will soon be hard to ignore as man battles demons within their souls. The ‘voices’ will march people to their doom on an individual basis taking the innocent with them in this arcane blood letting. There are no secrets within the confines of the spirit-world so the darkest of secrets and desires are known to all. Bad spirits can easily find the right buttons to push to manipulate us into something stupid if we let them.


So if a space dude or some apparitious being popped into your living room and declared they are your G*D or something else lame tell them to take a hike and pass you an RC Cola. You can’t put a spirit or being of any kind on a pedestal just because they are spirits no matter how many ashtrays they float around. You have a tradition that taught you how to deal with them, provided you are paying attention so use the medicine your dogma gave you. The secret to surviving the time of change is a spiritual one and the universal message from all the ancients is, “get your act together”. The key is knowing which spirits are cool and which ones are buttheads no matter where they come or what parlor trick they pull off. Remember that fear is the fuel that powers the bad guys and evil spirits always want you to kiss their ass and they can lie like a politician, hooky smokes Bullwinkle. But if you’re already down on your dogma, then you’re cool eh.


Your Devil’s Advocate

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