Paper Airplanes and the Constitution

First page of Constitution of the United States

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Posted: Mon Sep 29, 2008 10:35 am    Post subject:
Paper Airplanes and the Constitution

As politicians and money markets world wide prepare to count their chips the American voting public has no say in the most unconstitutional and criminal Bail-Out in US history. The only fortunes that are going to be saved are the fortunes of our heavily invested politicians and a select wealthy minority who’ve gambled heavily on the stock market. In essence they are the people at the top of the pyramid. The fact this Bail-Out will do little if anything for the American public has been ignored and distorted by the leadership of both political parties. The nationalization of debts is pure criminal. Course banks in the UK are being nationalized as we speak. Unpopular at best, this Bail-Out is not the will of the American people and we have been denied our right to vote on such a national issue, again. It’s being dictated to us by investors and the absolute minority in an effort to save their ill gotten fortunes.

“We The People” have taken our licks and lost everything over that last 20 years already. We’ve witnessed as our rights disappeared one by one. Democracy has all but vanished from the landscape as politicians penciled in more and more power and authority. By eliminating the need for public input such as voting they do as they wish. This is not democracy nor is it legal by any stretch of the imagination. The government official’s who approve this Bail-Out are criminals, involved in Un-American activities; a party to treason and history should record the day democracy died. The Bail-Out, when approved, will be the death nil of democracy in the United States of America.

Above the law and above the scrutiny of the general public America’s politicians have turned their positions as public servants in to positions of authority. In direct violation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights George W. Bush led America down the path of destruction purposefully and with conviction. He violated his contract with America with his wholesale disregard for the Constitution of the United States and voided his presidency. Ass-Crack politicians with greed in their hearts assisted GW in his quest to destroy our economy fore he was not alone. Follow the money and learn who your executioner really is and you will discover it’s the same executioners who’ve financed death around the world. It’s the same gang of corporations who own Washington and an army of lobbyists who bought the United States and political favor lock, stock and tomahawk.

Ah yes, nothing like a good crime drama I always say. The sad part is the fact we are living this nightmare and can’t change the channel. It does not seem to bother the public at large as they cheer on their favorite talking head. Like the Pied Piper’s of deception the leadership of both political parties is part and parcel in on the greatest pyramid scheme in US history. The Bail-Out is nothing more than a manipulation by top investors so they are not left holding the bag. Sadly it’s John Q. Citizen who will foot the bill for the lavish squandering of corporate funds and bad business practices.

Why can’t the feds slap a lean on the fortunes of those who committed such high crimes of embezzlement and treason? Why doesn’t the letter of the law apply to them? Municipalities have declared war on their citizenry by increasing fines for almost everything under the sun with no room for compromise. “We the People” pay and pay through the nose. Our prisons are filled to capacity as lobbyists rally for steeper fines and more jail time. Then peddle their stocks in the prison industry. Rather than Bail-Out the educational system, Bail-Out Health Care or save the millions of American’s who already lost jobs and homes, our corrupt politicians choose to Bail-Out cronies as well as save their fortunes. It is all a lie and the American public is a patsy or fall guy, simple as that.

With stock brokers waiting in the wings on Wall Street and the world markets it should be clear as the nose on your face who will benefit from this Bail-Out, Investors. The American population will be left holding the bag and holding the bag for generations. America will become the largest collections agency in the world by purchasing bad debts. The perpetrators of this crime will walk away with full pockets.

With many friends who’ve invested in the market my phone is ringing off the hook. They are frantic since they are locked out of their accounts today. Funny thing, while we were grappling with the Pay-Off err, Bail-Out, the Democrat controlled House of Representatives quietly approved a paltry $25 billion dollar Bail-Out to the auto industry. That’s OK though because out of this financial disaster will rise “The One World Economy”. After all that’s what it’s all about anyway. Oh well, to bad, so sad.

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