King George Speak

PostPosted: Fri Sep 19, 2008 10:34 am    Post subject:
King George Speak

George W. Bush had his say today as his elaborate scheme to usher in the New World Order takes wings. After all he was the pilot who ran the American airplane into the side of a mountain. Now The USA is going to buy bad bank loans? How far beyond stupid is that? We the people who’ve already lost homes and jobs are going to foot the bill for corporations who’ve squandered billions in corrupt criminal theft. In essence we the people are rewarding millionaires for their bad business practices.

It should be plain as the nose on your face that this government has no regard for its citizens in favor of corporations and their criminal activity. AIG and the insurance industry as a whole has extorted trillions of dollars from US citizens and the world and had their day in the sun as we the people suffered. Now we are going to pay their bad debts. You’d think the leader of a nation would put priority on his people and not corporate thugs who’ve stolen so much already. Naw, not a chance eh. It’s more important to reward them for doing bad business and pay off their debt. Talk about a double standard, this is blatant and “in your face” but I doubt anyone will catch it. To bad so sad.

How sad it is to realize America has long since disappeared in the wake of this New World Order. The final outcome of George’s buying up all the bad debt will be total control of the banking system and forming this New World Economy.

I’ll bet you did not know that we the people are also dumping zillions of dollars into banks in Europe and Asian markets eh. It’s all about controlling them later on and getting a foothold on this New World Economy. The whole thing reeks of a set up and Crime Boss G.W. Bush was at the helm of this ship wreck from the very start. By destroying the old economical system he has paved the way for his fathers New World Order. It’s a masterful long term elaborate criminal scheme and I must admit I do admire a well planned heist. The beautiful part of it was the fact he did it in front of your faces and no one said a thing.

From the war in Iraq, the insurance health care scam, the bogus oil prices to starting crap with Russia to boost McPalin’s chances for office, George was a busy boy. Well planned and well executed, the total destruction of the American way of life as well as her Constitution was a masterful accomplishment and should be noted in a hall of fame for criminal and treasonous accomplishments. Benedict Arnold, slid on over fore George W. Bush and his minions have blown your doors off and America has disappeared in the horizon. Welcome the New World Order as the North American Union is born and America is dumped in a trash heap along side democracy and freedom. Now you guys are a conquered people like us Indigenous dudes and dudettes.

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