Buffalohair, Spirit Wars and Other Stuff We Ignore…

Buffalohair, Spirit Wars and Other Stuff We Ignore…

August 26, 2011

Spirit Wars and Other Stuff We Ignore…

There was not much news to report or repost the last few weeks since in all actuality its old news, ancient I might add. Even I foresaw what is happening in the world today, years ago. Watching as prophecy unfolds has been quite awe inspiring and validating to say the least as scriptures and other sacred texts have virtually come alive. Rot with apocalyptic events and the stuff movies are made of, mankind finds himself in a growing quagmire as events become harder to explain or ignore. Maybe everything is just one big coincidence.

In spite of immense humanitarian challenges man continues to march forward in quest of worldwide financial domination while ambivalent to the cries of their victims. Fortunately it was also stated in prophecy Ma Earth would alter mankind’s fetid rush for the gold. That would be all well and good if it were not for the fact my mountain villa has become earthquake central of the Rockies and I almost lost my TV in the latest shakers to rattle this region. Talk about a front row seat for the end of the world eh; this is better than HBO.

I’ve lost count of the number of quakes that continue to rumble through my neck of the woods. Maybe we are going to witness the birth of a volcano. Boy that will loosen up more of the stucco on my house. They might not have been monster quakes but the duration made them quite destructive. Think it was one of the long rolling quakes that cracked the foundation of this antique house of mine. But this place was built in the 1800’s so I don’t think it was quake resistant anyway. There were some abrupt jolts that tipped my TV over and Mr. Turtle’s house was having a few tsunamis of his own. Unfortunately the epicenter was located underneath a friend’s house and now he is homeless since the shaker totaled his pad as well as other homes and businesses.

It would appear that the world is changing, one person at a time, on a scale that is yet to be understood by the alchemists of this era. If you ask a chum of mine he will tell you first hand how easy it is to become homeless in this day and age. There is a growing army of people who’ve lost their homes for a host of reasons and are now homeless. When their benefits ran out they no longer were statistics and they were left to fend for themselves. In fact millions of people continue to become homeless but their voices are forever shuttered and their plight is all but ignored. They no longer have internet, phone or other means to communicate with the outside world so I guess they are the people of the underworld now. There is no excuse within true civil society that would justify leaving families to fend for them selves. Now bankers are proposing the destruction of repossessed homes simply to keep the prices high. But let’s not talk about it and maybe it will all go away.

Well it’s been a weird two weeks since suicides have become the national pastime. I did not have to travel far to find a story about the rise in suicides in America though. Sadly it was one of my old friends who put a gun to his head and blew his brains out last week. And if that was not enough his oldest daughter took a gun and whacked herself 5 hours later as well, gads. I watched that kid grow up but unfortunately this is an example of what can happen if a person listens to the wrong spirit. The continued interfacing of the spirit world on our plain of existence is probably the single most disastrous aspect of the time of change. No one see’s it coming or is capable of understanding even the rudiments of the supernatural other than what they learned watching mind sop horror movies. Spirits are having a field day convincing people they are G*D’s or some other bogus lie. Sadly it just proves that people may own sacred texts but it does not mean people read it or understand what they read. Now many people are putty in the hands of some very evil spirits who have ill intentions for humanity. And yup, that’s a part of prophecy to. But what do I know; I’m just a drum beating Injun that listens to the wisdom of old buzzards in my caste.

Change has already begun according to a myriad of ancient warnings and predictions, plain and simple. There is not much to try and figure out since many ancient teachings foretell of this era we live, in epic detail. And it’s not the end of the world, geeze. But it really blows me away people are not paying attention to signs and warnings that are basically ‘in your face’. They should put earth change warnings on Happy Meals. Maybe then people will start paying attention to the big picture and not the relatively stupid greed filled world man concocted. Surely bankers did not actually think they were going to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes in this intentional economic disaster. Spirits both good and bad are all over the place. Man might buy into all the false claims of recovery and the eventual excuses for failure but Ma Earth could give a flying crappola for she has other plans. Man and their grandiose plans to colonize the planet to achieve a corporate economic utopia or new world order, at the expense of civil liberties and democracy is destined to fail and will spell the end of an empire that spanned centuries when material wealth becomes meaningless. That’s written in sacred books as well so I guess there is a happy ending in a dark and twisted way. There will be plenty of suffering to go around and you can take that to the bank. For me and my people it will be more of an inconvenience, provided we survive, since we’ve grown quite fond of the iron pony, sweats pants and duct tape. Hmm, how would the native world be without duct tape? Oh the horror….

So if I were you and you planned to survive the more turbulent years that lay ahead you better start paying a little more attention to your sacred books or whatever floats your spiritual canoe. That is where the real survival guide is if you expect to survive the very real physical and spiritual aspects of change. You want to pay attention or else you might end up being one of those boneheads killing their families because some stupid voice told them to. The voices were real, the perpetrator was stupid. But really, who in their right mind would do such crimes against their families because a voice in their head told them to do it. Are people really that lame they would do something so evil just because a voice told them to do so? How far beyond stupid is that? The spirit wars have only begun and it’s bound to get much worse as the two plains of existence clash with greater intensity. If ever there was a time a person should seek out their true spirituality it is now because material wealth will not save a person from bad spirits.

If I survive the change I must admit I will be struggling with the concept of ‘helping those who once caused me harm’. You know, it’s that part where we show humility and reach into the fire to save our enemies. I know I am an imperfect being for only the Creator is a perfect being. So I still struggle with anger management issues, have a raging case of post traumatic stress disorder and struggle with vendetta. In fact I am struggling this very minute. Granted I always struggle with this and bad spirits really play hell on my psyche because my rage button is in plain sight within the spirit world. Lately they’ve been pressing that button like it was Halloween night. We all have those places within our psyche where bad spirits are embraced and their axioms endeared. In any event I am struggling along in life with more than my share of attacks from within the spirit world and these guys are unrelenting at times. Though I am aware it does not give me much of an advantage. On the contrary I believe they screw with me more since they don’t have to mask their intentions. We are on a first name basis so to speak.

Within all dogmatic principles the spirit world is very much alive and coping with butt-crack spirits is the first lesson people must learn. Bad spirits have always screwing with folks throughout history. The spirit world is alive and one would be wise to further enlighten themselves about the spirits that surround them within the custom of their respective dogmas. But don’t get overly enlightened like some folks get, holay. You know the type; they are so uptight about the existence of spirits everything in their home is an alter of some kind, but to each his own. I draw the line when I spot human remains in the fire pit though. Hmm, why does BBQ ribs come to mine slathered in my secret recipe BBQ sauce?

Just realize you are also a spirit and these bonehead spirits who try to influence you in a bad way are not magical just pinheads. Next time a spirit suggests that you bomb a daycare center or roast your new born as a sacrifice, tell them to get screwed. And if they try to freak you out with some lame parlor trick ask them to float you a Pepsi and some Doritos. Additional details in coping with spirit and the time of change are written within your respective dogma and ideological principle.

Your Devil’s Advocate

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