Buffalohair: A Little Girl and the Olympics

Buffalohair: A Little Girl and the Olympics

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A Little Girl and the Olympics



Nhkum Hkawn Din was a 15 year old school girl who lived in the village of Nam Sai, Bhamo District, Kachin State. She lived with her family and attended school. Fortunately for her and her family they did not suffer the direct effects of Cyclone Nargis since they live in the northern region of Burma. This area was under the control of the Burmese Army’s Light Infantry Battalion No. 437 through a series of check points. Like other “ethnic’ regions, they were under constant surveillance by the military of Than Shwe’s paranoid regime.

On the day of July 27th Hkawn Din left home with rice for her brother who was working in the paddy fields. It was business as usual since she’s done this chore many times in the past. As the day came to pass, her brother returned from work. Only after he queried about the whereabouts of his sister did the family become aware Hkawn Din was missing. Frantically the family searched in vein until enlisting the assistance of the local authorities and a three day search ensued.

On the third day not far from a military check point they found little Hkawn Din’s cloths. Upon further investigation searchers found her slippers and the basket she was carrying to her brother. Then after further extensive searching they discovered the naked body of the innocent school girl. She had been gang rapped, had her eyes cut out probably when her face was grotesquely disfigured and cut from the skull. She had been stabbed numerous times then finally she mercifully had her skull crushed to end her suffering. After she was dead, her body was subjected to many more puncture wounds in a statement of pure hatred for her and the Kachin People.

Local witnesses saw Burmese soldiers following Hkawn Din as she walked to the paddy. Other witnesses saw soldiers leaving the area where her body was later discovered. And yet other witnesses knew the name of at least one of the three suspects, Corporal Aye Thein of the Burmese Army Light Infantry Battalion NO. 437.

Rape is commonly used as a weapon against the ethnic populations of Burma with thousands of cases reported to ambivalent authorities. According to Burma Campaign UK, in 2007 4 school girls who were gang rapped by government troops were charged with prostitution in a feeble attempt to legitimize the soldiers conduct.

Do to the heinous nature of this crime, locals as well as the junta’s own Union Solidarity Development Association (USDA), the Myanmar Women’s Affairs Federation (MWAF) in Momauk (N’mawk) and her State High School of Momauk has asked for a local level inquiry into the gang rape and murder of Nhkum Hkawn Din, according to Kachin News.

But alas even with the support of the USDA and the MWAF this case falls on deaf ears since there are actually no rights for the ethnic minorities within the prison state of Burma. Ultimately all ethnic minorities will be exterminated, their histories removed from the libraries. All that will remain will be the artifacts they left behind, curiosities of a forgone era. All financed inadvertently by those who continue to buy from corporations who support Than Shwe’s murderous regime.

Imagine how her final moments of life were. Chances she was inhaling her own blood whole bayonets chiseled away at her face and skin, already in agony because her eyes were plucked out. Her body already aching from the numerous puncture wounds she already sustained. As she finally drifted into death the last thing she heard was the soldiers laughing as they crushed her head.

So what does this have to do with the Olympic Games in Beijing? Everything I might add fore it’s under China’s watch this atrocity had occurred. This random act of savagery is happening in Darfur and other places within China’s area of influence. And as we spend our dollar on Olympic nomenclature we are inadvertently assisting China’s war on ethnic minorities who stand in their way world wide. So when you purchase that Olympic coffee mug for Uncle Murray from Yonkers. Just remember little Hkawn Din’s mutilated body and the regimes that are financed part and parcel by China. In essence you are bank rolling eugenics, wholesale rape and murder.

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