As we languish over our plight, high oil prices and the political circus that is unfolding. It is hard to imagine people are running through the jungles of Burma trying to escape relocation and enslavement. Karen tribal refugees are making their way to the Burma/Thai border to find sanctuary through a barrage of gun fire and bursting bombs from government forces. Villages are being burned to the ground. Their traditional tribal lands are being destroyed as innocent men, women and children flee into the dense jungles of South Asia.

According to Free Burma Rangers (FRB, “shoot on site” is standard operating procedure for Burmese Army Patrols. Human beings, men women, children and the elderly are being killed at random in this secret blood letting by government forces. Whole villages are nothing more then cinders and ash. Innocent tribal people lay in a sea of blood, slaughtered. It is an epic drama entwined in human suffering and death. The shear brutality of the Burmese Army is a horrific reflection of the Schutz Staffle and the Jew and the US Cavalry and American Indian’s. It’s wholesale genocide at its best as government troops target the ethnic people of Burma.

A Bamboo Curtain has once again been drawn to hide the atrocities that are unfolding as this story is being written. The secret war against the Karen and other tribes of Burma can no longer be kept a secret anymore. They literally are living in the jungles trying to find safety while government forces with modern fire power and equipment strafe and bomb the country side. It’s a race for the Thai/Burma border. Men, women and children with nothing more than the cloths on their backs walk in a dazed yet wary grace. The magnitude of death, carnage and shear cruelty they had to endure is reflected in the coldness of their eyes. Their only hope for survival is Thailand and the refugee camps. If they fail, imprisonment, torture and death are their reward. If they live, they will be tossed into forced labor and worked to death.

Behind the Bamboo Curtain ethnic cleansing is being perpetrated against the ethnic peoples of Northern Karen State, Eastern Burma. The military junta has pulled all the stops. Though government officials deny this activity, children are forced into military service. Two Burmese Army Child Soldiers defected to Karenni operatives. One boy was 15 yrs old, the other 16 yrs old. When interviewed they told of transporting munitions of all kinds including these boxes decorated with skull and cross bone emblems. The children were trained in the handling of toxicity chemical and biological ordinance and warned of the deadly consequences if they did not follow protocol. This sheds yet another darker shadow on this military junta as more atrocities come to light. The total disregard for human life by government forces is all to apparent. There is no limit to what form of death they rain on innocent ethnic people. The Karen and other diverse tribes that once thrived with abundance by the sea, jungle and highlands are under siege behind the Bamboo Curtain, out of sight, out of mind.

The Karen villagers are struggling to save their very existence as death squads comb the jungles for stragglers. Maung Ga Shwey, chief of Na Shwe Mo village, Dooplaya District, Central Karen State was arrested then executed by troops from the Burma Army Battalion 231 late last month according to an FR source. Humanity has no presents in this world of pure hatred as innocent men, women and children are tortured and executed by government forces. They have few voices to speak for their cause or barter for their existence and are left to die on the jungle floor.

The government has placed yet more restrictions on Rangoon and Pegu. People are being “detained” as the vice of totalitarianism squeezes the life out of a once prosperous and flourishing nation. This is a human tragedy of epic proportions, The Killing Fields of Burma. Their only hope is the Thai border. Their only wish is to survive.

A message from the Free Burma Rangers;

“If the Burmese army is not stopped or we do not get help, in the future when you come to Karen State, there will no longer be any Karen people. Please tell the rest of the world to help us.”

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