Thailands Puppet Government Reveals Burmas Sham Reforms

Thailand’s Puppet Government Reveals Burma’s Sham Reforms

There is no question Thailand’s new government is a sham and a proxy for Criminal Fugitive Thaksin Shinwatra. His sister is at the helm of this puppet regime and she has shown her true colors by excluding Daw Aung San Suu Kyi in her visit to Burma. As you should recall Thaksin is a crony and ass kisser of that fetid criminal Gen. Than Shwe and has assisted Than in the persecution and abuse of the Burmese people. Burma’s so called new regime is just another carefully calculated fraud.



The world press has embraced change in Burma but you must realize the mainstream media is owned by corporations waiting to exploit Burma’s resources. The media is also working to legitimize all the international corporations that have continued to violate the bogus UN sanctions that were imposed. This is all a great lie and the world is just as culpable from promoting this sham stage act of reform as Than Shwe is. The corporate world is playing into the sham reform intentionally while people continue to be raped and murdered right before your very eyes. Are we that stupid? I guess so since the free world sold their democracy for corporate profits already.



No one seems to remember that Than Shwe hand picked all the current players in the sham reformist government of puppet president Thein Sein. Why does the world continue to ignore the fact Suu Kyi was duly elected by the people of Burma in favor of Than Shwe’s criminal regime? Why is Than Shwe’s bogus new government acceptable while ignoring the fact people are still being murdered in Kachin State. The Karen are still victims of Burmanization while being raped and murdered as genocide goes unchecked by the ambivalent world. Ethnic cleansing continues unabated but everything is nice in Burma since the media plays up to Than Shwe’s sham and the fraud continues.



The most revealing aspect of this bogus reform was when Prime Minister “Badluck Yingluck” of Thailand ignored Daw Aung San Suu Kyi on her visit to Burma. She revealed the true nature of reform in Burma while showing that she is no better than her criminal fugitive brother Thaksin. There is no change in Burma, just another act by Than Shwe’s theater group. If there was true reform the political prisoners would already be out of prison not a point of manipulation and speculation. Also, I would not be interviewing refugees who just came out of Burma with horror stories of torture and death. In keeping with Thaksin’s ass kissing of Than Shwe, Badluck Yingluck has already begun her campaign of hatred against Burmese refugees by stifling the humanitarian efforts of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF effectively eliminated healthcare for the refugees. Actions speak louder than words and now the Burmese refugees are totally isolated with no hope and easy prey for human traffickers to fill the brothels of Thailand. Yingluck is a sham and a proxy for the cancer called Thaksin.



When the mainstream media quoted from “The New Lies of Myanmar” this week they were quoting right out of Than Shwe’s propaganda machine. It is all a sham and Burma is no closer to democracy than it was during the Saffron Revolution and that’s the bottom line. In fact, the world chooses to believe there is change when in reality its worse than ever before. Sorry Than Shwe, I can see through your scam.



Your Devil’s Advocate

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