Buffalohair, Gen. Than Shwe’s Scheme to Legitimize Sham Gov. Fails, AGAIN!!

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Gen. Than Shwe’s Scheme to Legitimize Sham Gov. Fails, AGAIN!!

Well its back to the drawing board as Than Shwe’s feeble attempt to show reforms in Burma failed dismally, again. The sham government of ‘retired’ generals has not fooled anyone in spite of the assistance of the western press. Just remember the western press is owned part and parcel by corporations who continue to violate UN imposed sanctions. By not releasing all the political prisoners he only validated the fact nothing has changed in Burma. Sadly, it’s the people of Burma who must bare the brunt of Than Shwe’s failed carefully calculated fraud. Hope has returned to despair as more opposition leaders are targeted to refill the emptied prisons, if they are not tortured and murdered first.


Thein Sein is as much the president of Burma as I am for he is truly powerless and only the latest scapegoat in Than Shwe’s plot to legitimize this fetid criminal regime. Thein Sein is only a puppet like the rest of the generals who retired at the same time and coincidentally formed bogus political parties for the sham 2010 election. With crimes against humanity running rampant across the country it should be as plain as the nose on your face that the people of Burma are still under siege. But in a world that only cares for the corporate bottom line; humanity has no place in the grand scheme of things therefore the world has blood on their hands as well as the junta.


In reality the world has become a cesspool of governmental and corporate corruption and frankly man is powerless to stop this putrid trend. Fortunately nature and other elements within our true existence have other plans and soon we all will reap what we have sown. Profits gleaned from slave labor are cursed and the people who’ve profiteered on the bones of others, either on purpose or by investments, will bare the brunt as catastrophes unfold. That is prophecy whether you want to hear it or not. Than Shwe and his thugs will learn the hard way much like the rest of the world who capitalized on China’s Gulag System. Africa was targeted by greedy corporations as trillions of dollars in natural resources left the continent, much like Burma. The list goes on and on as greedy globalists who profiteer in Burma spread their cancer around the world.


Than Shwe was eager to legitimize his criminal regime so more corporations could come in and rape this once proud nation. China wants to keep this criminal in power for he literally takes pennies on the dollar for him and his generals while leaving his nation to fend for themselves. The dam and pipeline projects were both environmental and humanitarian disasters with no benefit to the people they would displace. His war on education was another fiasco since he and his thugs replaced education with his burgeoning drug industry for Burma’s youth. Extorting humanitarian aid agencies within Burma has gleaned the junta millions in aid monies that never made its way to the people. Cyclone Nargis was a classic example of how billions of dollars made its way into junta pockets while whole communities were turned into ghost towns. Stricken areas continue to be haunted by lost souls and people tell me they can hear the moans of the dead in this haunted land. Than Shwe’s coupe de grace surely is his policy of Burmanization; the wholesale raping ethnic civilian women to spread the Burman seed while diluting the ethnic blood line. And it’s in full swing in ethnic regions as of this writing.


Now, international corporations are eager to take advantage of Than Shwe’s short sighted greed and offer him trinkets so they can steal resources and use the citizens as slaves of cheap labor. If only Than Shwe could have pulled off this ‘legitimization’ scam then Foxconn could build a plant in Rangoon for the cheap labor Than Shwe can offer them. Suicides would earmark their arrival much like they do in China as people jump to their deaths because of horrific working conditions. Sadly many US computer firms, including Apple, use Foxconn for their component needs further cursing the general public who’ve invested in them. And you wonder why you are about to loose everything in the stock market for they are destined to fall and fall big time.


Pretend all you want but the duly elected Burmese Government is still in bondage and criminals continue to hold this nation hostage. I stand with the people of Burma who continue to fight for democracy and I refuse to sugar coat the lies that are being vomited from the mouths of this sham regime or their constituents. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and soon the military junta will feel the wrath of retribution. So will others who’ve capitalized in tyranny and slave labor for this is also a part of prophecy.


I offer Prayers to my brothers and sister who continue to be raped, tortures and murdered in prisons across Burma while the world sits complacent and oblivious to their suffering.


Your Devil’s Advocate

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