Buffalohair, Ibrahim Gambari, the contemporary Nevil Chamberland

Ibrahim Gambari, the contemporary Nevil Chamberland

Inadvertently the United Nations has qualified the criminal junta that has enslaved the nation of Burma. Liken to Nevil Chamberland and his association with Adolf Hitler Gambari and the military junta have become bedfellows. This new so called “Constitution” is nothing more than criminality on paper and will one day be part an parcel evidence whence the criminals of “Crimes Against Humanity” come to trial.

Apparently Gambari was swayed by the lavish accommodations provided by the band of thugs who have enslaved Burma. The track record of some of the leadership at the UN has dubious honors to say the very least. What are you thinking Gambari? Does the wholesale murder of monks and innocent protesters stir any interest what so ever? How can you justify any dialog from a rouge regime who has arrested all opposition and their leadership?

Like Nevil Chamberland who simply ignored the cries of human beings being exterminated to purport peace from Hitlers Germany, he said nothing or simply ignored the cries from the Burmese people. How many monks must die? How many innocent people must be arrested and tortured? What exactly needs to be done or said before this inert organization makes a stand for Human Rights? How far beyond stupid has the United Nations become? For all the billions this organization has received over the years, their response is simply a letter of condemnation. Hmm, that’s about fifty cents for the piece of paper, the envelope and a stamp. Should I include the price of ink from the pen?

Obviously all the nations of the world have followed suit to some degree since criminals still kill and torture those who oppose the iron fisted rule of the Burmese government. “Lets write Mayanmar a nasty letter”, oh boy that will show them. And now, Japanese industrialist, of all people, have taken the bait and decided China is way to expensive. They plan to move their textile industry to Burma to take advantage of the slave labor. Maybe the sleeping giant (China) will finally realize the military junta of Burma would stab them in the back as well. I know the honorable Japanese people who would be appalled by this reality since they’ve already suffered corruption from industry leaders in the past. So lets tell them.

It is time for the human spirit to unite in a global effort to quell totalitarianism on a grand scale. Chevron and Total Oil are only the tip of the ice berg as far as “free world” enterprises who glean a profit from human suffering. And I’ll wager there are thousands of other “free world” industries who are invested in the Burmese criminal government. Who is invested in Burma? Well lets find out and I know you will be surprised. With an army of journalists reading this article it is time to dig for facts boys and girls. It is time to expose the greedy who have capitalized on the bones of the innocent and fueled their cars with human blood. The pen is mightier than the sword as they say. Time for the sleeping dragon to awaken.

Humanity has declared war on you Snr-Gen Than Shwe and one day there will be another Nuremberg Trial. Along with thugs, Tay Za, Chevron Execs, Total Execs, Execs from Japan, Switzerland and the USA who dishonor their nations, others will be added to the list of human rights violators. Like they say in America, you can run but you can’t hide and now it’s time for every human being from all nations to expose these culprits. Let their industries be known world wide, let their corporations be known, let their cronies be known and let them hang in the gallows of shame.

The human beings of the world are armed with the most powerful weapon of all. It is the dollar, yen and other forms of currency. We can make a difference if we unite and stop buying from these supporters of hatred and greed. It is time for humanity to stand up and be heard. We will simply stop buying from them and cripple them in the pocket book. Like rats abandoning a sinking ship they will begin to crumble and point fingers at one another as the world looks on. Those with no honor will betray their own.

We can bring tyranny to it’s knees within a year if we all band together and assault them financially. It’s all about the money for the corporations of the world who secretly side with the criminal Burmese government. No money, no corporation, how simple is that eh? Remember the saying, “Fight Fire with Fire”? It is time to go on the offensive and hit them where it counts, in the wallet, the stock markets, the gas pumps and the stores where we shop. Money is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction and now it’s time for the mouse to roar.


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